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Ford Fusion Brake Investigation Closed Due To Recall

Last month, Ford issued a recall for select 2013-2018 Ford Fusion and Lincoln MKZ models over a a brake hose issue in which the front brake hoses may rupture and leak brake fluid, which can increase pedal travel and extend the distance needed to stop the vehicle, increasing the risk of a crash. A previous recall for the same problem for different models prompted an investigation from National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) back in August 2022, but now, the newly issued recall has convinced officials to close their investigation, according to Car Complaints.

The Office of Defects Investigation (ODI) was originally opened last August after the NHTSA received 50 complaints regarding the front brake jounce hose used in 2013-2018 Fusion and MKZ sedans. At that time, these incidents fell outside of the scope of the original recall, which only pertained to 2015-2018 Ford Edge and Lincoln MKX crossovers.

Ford later discovered that the ruptures in the front brake jounce hoses – which are supplied by Hitachi – used in these vehicles were caused by failure of the internal reinforcement braid due to “cyclic fatigue through tensile/bending and torsional inputs during suspension and steering articulations.” The problem reportedly affects around 1,280,726 non-hybrid (due to their lower internal hose pressure stemming from regenerative braking) vehicles built between February 3rd, 2012 and July 19th, 2017.

While these brake hose leaks can lengthen the distance needed to stop a vehicle and increase the risk of a crash, the proposed recall fix involves the replacement of those same hoses with new units that feature a revised braided material in their construction. However, despite the fact that the NHTSA chose to drop its investigation into this matter, it did note that it retains the right to take further action if warranted later on down the road.

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  1. Micheal Stewart

    I have a 2011 Ford Edge and the brake pedal almost goes to the floor.I took it to a mechanic and they replaced the power booster and master cylinder three times and it still almost goes to the floor… Nothing has changed.. Mechanic said to check for recall, there is none,or take it to a dealer…it already cost me enough money to have those items replaced as it is…if I knew this was going on with this type of car I would have not ever brought one… Ford needs to do something before I get into accident with it, needs to be recall and replaced by the company before someone gets hurt or even killed. To me this is the stupidest to let it go as far as it has. This is not only on my 2011 Ford Edge but I read comments from people who own from 2009-2015 having the same problem. Ford needs to have this fixed

  2. Christal Wentz

    I have a 2013 Ford Fusion worse vehicle I have ever owned. Nothing but problems. I’m close to 10 recalls, engine blew with less than 50,000 miles 5 catalytic converters and odometer just hit 80,000. I will never purchase a Ford again. They wouldn’t stand behind this piece of crap when my engine went. All service was done at the Ford dealer that I purchased the vehicle from. I should have bought a Toyota. Never again will I purchase a Ford.

  3. Gabriel Stephens

    I own a 2016 Fusion and I haven’t had a single problem with it, except for one. The only issue I had is with having to replace the throttle body due to an ignorant purchase of a cheap performance tune. Other than that, Great Car!

  4. Amy Gonzalez

    I have not been able to use my car in months due to the fact that my steering wheel will not turn either way this is very dangerous and there’s no recalls????!!!!!

  5. Mark Chatterly

    Find a better tech to bleed your brakes it’s very technical on the fusion if you don’t know how to power bleed it is hard. Mark senior master Ford tech


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