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Ford Maverick, Bronco Sport Production Ramped Up In Q1 2023

Back in January, Ford Authority reported that a third shift was set to be added to the Hermosillo Assembly plant in Mexico in an effort to ramp up production of the hyper-popular Ford Maverick compact pickup, which has remained in short supply and high demand since its launch for the 2022 model year. However, that shift won’t actually begin operating until July, though it seems as if production of both the Ford Maverick and Ford Bronco Sport at Hermosillo is already ramping up, according to the automaker’s latest sales report.

The Bronco Sport started out the year strong, with 13,446 units coming off the assembly line, though that number declined a bit to 12,340 crossovers in February. However, March saw 15,542 units of the Bronco Sport roll out of Hermosillo, a pretty big ramp up that brings the model’s Q1 production total to 41,328 units.

Perhaps more importantly – at least to the folks still waiting to take delivery of their Ford Maverick – The Blue Oval’s compact pickup has also seen its production numbers steadily increase through the first three months of the year. Ford built 8,694 Mavericks in January before that number dipped to 7,143 in February before March saw things improve significantly, with 9,649 compact pickups being built, making for a Q1 total of 25,486 units.

Things figure to only improve moving forward, as the Maverick and Bronco Sport are just two of the several Blue Oval models facing a planned ramp up in production, joining the Ford Mustang Mach-E, the Ford F-150 PowerBoost hybrid, Ford F-150 Lighting, Ford Transit, and Ford E-Transit, as Ford Authority reported early last month.

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  1. Rob

    Hopefully I will get my XL EB AWD 4K notice this week.

  2. russ

    I just hope that the maverick has electric plug in capabilities. Like a 120volt common plug. Nothing fancy just practical. To compare to the Prius

    1. G-man

      There’s an option for one in the bed of the truck as well as in the back seat.

      1. Bosko

        I believe it’s just the 110v 400w plug in the rear of the bed.

  3. Joanna

    Been waiting since September for my Maverick. Wish they would give updates as to where we are in line.

  4. Mike Cee

    Good luck getting one this year. Waiting on XL hyrid, ordered 9/17/22.

    1. Scott

      same here. I ordered in September 22 and still waiting. I don’t have a vin number or build date. Very disappointed in Ford communications!

    2. John

      Production didn’t even start until late December 2022 as scheduled. I don’t know what you are expecting with almost 87,000 orders placed.

  5. Mike H

    Bought my 22 EB AWD used, heard about the Mav little too late to put in order. Was looking for a hybrid but couldn’t find one. No regrets on buying the EB. Averaging mid 30s on highway 22-24 in town.

  6. Rick

    Got my Hybrid XLT last week, ordered on the first day the order books were open in September. Great so far, averaging 40MPG!!

    1. Dave York

      Sounds great Rick, I ordered on day one also, (15 Sept. 22), and haven’t heard anything yet. (Lariat Hybrid)

  7. Frank

    I ordered mine also first day still nothing on my build date. 😔 I may not even get it built and would need to order the 2024 I’m being told. Wow

  8. J. Rose

    I ordered mine on the last day order banks were open in September, 2022 and dealer notified me today that it is scheduled to be built in mid June and delivered approximately mid July. It is a Maverick XLT Hybrid

  9. G. Miller.

    I agree that at least a monthly update would helpful. I ordered a xlt hybrid in sept 22 and was told by Ford info dept it was production clean yesterday meaning in line but no vin yet. Ford info # is 800-334-4375. Looking forward to that vin#.

  10. Rob

    Nothing again. XL EB AWD 4K.

  11. D. Harner

    Originally ordered a hybrid XLT 2nd week of February 2022. Put $1000.00 down at the local dealership and never got any word from Ford. Reordered in September and all I get now is a message every 45 days saying there are too many constraints. I bought my first Ford in 1998 and have purchased 7 various new Ford trucks since then. This has been the most disappointing experience of a major purchase I have ever had.

    1. Kevin

      At least you get updates. There are a lot of us not getting anything. I’ve called the 800 number several times and been told my order is awaiting scheduling. No one has answered why I didn’t get COVP yet either.

  12. Troy

    I sympathize with everyone waiting. I first ordered a 2022 model in Dec. 2021. It could not be produced, so I had to initiate a 2023 order in Sep. 2022. I finally received the XLT Hybrid last week. So far it is fabulous! It is best that I not comment publicly on Ford’s communications process throughout this period. I hope that all who ordered one get it soon.

  13. Tom

    I ordered My 2022 XL model November 2nd 2021 up graded to an XLT September 17th. Still waiting. My son ordered his the day before got his notice to be built in June.

  14. Stan

    I ordered an XLT Ecoboost 1st day orders were open in Sept. I received a notice they will start building May. 8


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