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Ford Puma EV Will Be Offered In Australia

Back in 2021, Ford revealed that it would be launching five new electrified models in Australia by 2024, a list that includes the Ford Escape PHEV, the Ford E-Transit, E-Transit Custom, and Ford Mustang Mach-E, along with the ICE Ford F-150 pickup and S650-gen Ford Mustang, but not the Ford F-150 Lightning, while the Escape won’t be exported to that country after this year, either. Regardless, some have speculated that the fifth electrified Blue Oval model destined for Australia is the yet-to-be-unveiled Ford Puma EV, and now, that has been confirmed by CarExpert.

“We will be bringing a BEV Puma. We’re making some decisions around our lineup, and we believe that is the right investment for us,” said Ford Australia boss Andrew Birkic. “As you know, Puma has done well – it continues to win awards – so we know that’s certainly an important player for us in the future.”

As for what we can expect from the Ford Puma EV, the automaker has released no details on this forthcoming model, though the recently-unveiled Transit Courier could offer some clues, as it’s built on the same platform as the small crossover. The E-Transit Courier is powered by a single, front-mounted 100kW electric motor and will support DC fast charging speeds up to up to 100kW, though FoMoCO hasn’t revealed any other details – including battery pack size or range – as of yet.

Regardless, the Ford Puma EV will be built alongside the E-Transit Courier at the Craiova Assembly plant in Romania, where the ICE versions of both models are already produced. Given the current timetable of launching the new electrified crossover by next year, more details should surface in the coming weeks and months.

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  1. Nico

    Why not North America???
    Would ask for the hybrid, but all we hear is crickets! So give NA the EV!


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