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Ford Rival GM To Ditch Apple CarPlay, Android Auto In EVs

In recent years, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto have become incredibly popular alternatives to things like traditional radio stations and even satellite radio – as well as in-vehicle navigation – offering users the ability to choose then own music applications and easily play their own curated playlists – or those created by others – while they drive around. However, it seems as if Ford’s cross-town rival General Motors is keen to roll out its own alternative to those apps, but it won’t be alongside the competition – rather, GM will simply ditch both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto capability in its future all-electric models altogether, according to GM Authority.

Rather than continuing to offer its future EV customers Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility, GM has instead been developing its own infotainment system in partnership with Google – which also makes Android Auto – though the tech company is working on its own unique software that will roll out in future Ford models, too. This process will begin with the 2024 Chevy Blazer EV, which will launch without third-party app compatibility.

This decision was made for a number of reasons – for starters, it gives GM the ability to capture more user data, focus its engineering efforts into one single software platform, better integrate its own features such as SuperCruise, make vehicles less dependent on smartphones, and perhaps most importantly, help it accelerate its mission to drive revenue through connected vehicle services – including through data plans that customers might need to pay for before they can utilize third-party applications. It is worth noting that this change only applies to GM’s EVs at the moment – not its ICE offerings.

While Ford is also planning on rolling out a new Google-based operating system in the near future, it’s unclear if The Blue Oval will follow suit and get rid of Android Auto and Apple CarPlay compatibility as well. However, CEO Jim Farley has made it quite clear in recent months that the automaker is also planning to rake in massive amounts of revenue through connected vehicle services, though he was careful to note that Ford won’t make people pay for certain types of services, and even went so far as to take a dig at BMW for its controversial heated seat subscription.

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  1. David Dickinson II

    “it gives GM the ability to capture more user data” and then sell it. I’m sure Ford won’t be far behind.

    1. Michael K

      Ford did commit to Apple CarPlay 2, fwiw.

  2. Njia

    If either Ford or GM’s native in-vehicle integration and apps were as seamless as Apple CarPlay (or Tesla’s native solution) this wouldn’t be an issue. But I have zero confidence that either Brands F or G will get it right. Moreover, I rent a lot of cars for work and personal use when I travel. I don’t want to connect to them via Bluetooth. What GM (and soon, likely Ford) are doing is just allowing some rando to hack my phone.

  3. Jim Kern

    Charge for accessories in the vehicle and charge again to use them. The fleecing of America by corporate greed.

  4. John

    This is why Tesla is winning. After 6 years, Ford turned off Sync 2 in my Fusion. They just didn’t want to support it anymore.

    So they won’t make you pay, they will just decide to turn it off if they get tired of supporting it and want you to upgrade to a new car like a new laptop.

    I can’t afford to buy a new car every 4 years just to upgrade my Sync.

  5. The Retired Viking

    Your caps lock key is stuck.


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