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Ford Worker At Louisville Wins Suit Against Company, Union

As Ford Authority reported earlier this month, FoMoCo ended 2022 as as the top producing automaker in America, and also employs roughly 57,000 hourly manufacturing workers in the U.S. as well. The company employs more workers represented by the United Auto Workers union than any other manufacturer, though not all of those UAW-represented employees are seemingly pleased with that status. According to the Courier-Journal, a Louisville Assembly plant Ford worker named Shiphrah Green recently filed a lawsuit against Ford and the UAW when dues were withheld from her paycheck after she rescinded her membership for months, and now, she has won that case.

“Kentucky is a Right to Work state, and it was my right to resign from union membership and stop paying dues to UAW Local 862, a union that does not represent me,” Green said. Green exercised her right to opt out of the union in April 2022, and filed charges against both entities in October 2022 as dues were still being collected from her paycheck. “Louisville Ford Assembly employees should know that, under Kentucky’s Right to Work law, union bosses can’t force them to join or pay any money to the union as a condition of employment,” Mark Mix, the National Right to Work Foundation president.

Green claimed that FoMoCo and the UAW violated the National Labor Relations Act, and as a result, both entities agreed to a settlement, which involved a reimbursement for the $413 in fees that were withdrawn from her paycheck, interest, and tax consequences. Both Ford and the UAW will also be required to post notices informing employees that dues will not be taken from their paychecks if they choose not to be represented by the union as well.

“I think that Mrs. Green took appropriate steps,” said Michele Henry, a lawyer at Craig Henry PLC and outside counsel in the case. “I believe the UAW took appropriate steps as well,” Henry said. “And unfortunately, due to some oversight, Ford didn’t stop those deductions.”

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  1. Cj

    Don’t want to pay due but will accept all the benefits the uaw bargained for. But hey when the company decides she isn’t worth the trouble nobody will be going up to bat for her. Have fun flipping burgers.

    1. Levern Canteen

      That’s the GREAT PART about living in a “right to work” state
      WHY pay Union Dues when the Union is NOT representing it’s workers properly

      1. Big Cods

        She wants all the perks of union membership without paying for them. People that don’t want to be in the union shouldn’t get any protection or benefits. They are on their own . If they get better pay than union members the union will have a me too clause to get what they get

    2. Eric

      I agree! Wants all the benefits of the union without paying dues. Another typical parasite….

      1. Scot512

        Unions have out lived their usefulness. 90% of those factory jobs require a high school education. No justification to be paying the wages and benefits auto workers get. Unions create added costs to everything they touch. Materials have not gone up that much to justify the $75-$100K cost of a new automobile that will eventually be worthless in 10 years.

  2. Johnny

    Dam unions are the downfall of this country now another reason ford products are so high go filp those burgers and let the unions starve

    1. Eric

      You’re a dope! Those unions ensure that you paid a good wage, have job protections, and decent health benefits. Good luck with anyone protecting your job in a non-union workplace.

    2. Angrybastard

      We made $28 in 1999 & $31.12 today. A 3.12 raise in almost a quarter century. C’mon man!

  3. Andy kovacs

    That’s just great but am sure she’s not going to stop using the benefits that the union and Ford has hashed out over the contracts for all the dues paying workers JUST ANOTHER THAT WANTS TO LIVE FREE ON THE BACKS OF OTHERS

    1. Eric

      So true!!

  4. Eric

    How? Give examples… We’ll wait……

  5. Big Cods

    Ford has praised the UAW and the workers when things were bad. They took pay cuts and did all they could to keep building Ford vehicles. Ford also didn’t beg Washington for bailout money like the other two manufacturers . Also banks aren’t union and we bailed them out and don’t hear hate against the bank employees like we do about union members.

  6. too educated to be a sheep

    I wanted to quit my union (as a teacher). The teacher union supports ONLY liberal causes and politicians. I am a conservative. So what did the union do? They negotiated into the district contract that if the person did not join the union they had to pay their fair share for the negotiation costs of the union. The cost was almost the same as joining the union; I therefore joined the union. But I never donated a penny to their political action group and I never will!

  7. A Proud dues paying union man

    A leach…that’s all she is. She knows she still gets EVERYTHING that Union negotiated on her behalf…but doesn’t pay a dime for it. Screw her…hope she gets fired!!

  8. Chris

    I have worked at Ford for 23 years. I was fired because my supervisor was giving me a hard time about line stoppages. Tires were hitting my knee. I had been to medical and talked to Health and safety. The supervisor lied and said that I assaulted him with the brim of my hat. I had multiple statements saying that I didn’t touch him but was fired anyway. The Union is trying to get my job back but it might take a year or more. I lost my benefits and I didn’t get my profit sharing. The company allows the supervisors to talk to us like crap and treat us bad. If I wasn’t so close to retirement I wouldn’t fight for my job!


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