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Here Are The Ford Vehicles That Will Likely Keep AM Radio

As Ford Authority previously reported, The Blue Oval has already ditched AM radio functionality in two models – the all-new S650-generation 2024 Ford Mustang, and the 2023 Ford F-150 Lightning EV pickup – though those two vehicles won’t be the last, at least unless U.S. Senator Ed MarkeyCongressman Josh Gottheimer, and other critics of the move have their way. However, Ford recently noted that its commercial vehicles will continue to be available with AM radio, and now, we have a clearer picture of what specific FoMoCo models might continue offering AM functionality in the future as well.

Ford Transit Automatic Brazil - Exterior 002 - Rear Three Quarters

This group will likely consist of vehicles that count toward Ford Pro sales – the automaker’s commercial-focused division – which are now broken out from Ford Blue and Model e sales following the automaker’s recent changes to its financial reporting process. This gives us an idea of which models are most likely to retain AM radio functionality, though this isn’t by any means a given, as Ford could choose to ditch that feature in some of these vehicles as well.

Regardless, the group of vehicles that count toward Ford Pro sales are considered “Core Pro Vehicles,” according to the automaker, which makes it easy to assume that they are, in fact, the commercial-focused models that the automaker plans to keep AM radio in. That list currently consists of the Ford Super Duty, the Ford Transit family, the Ford E-Series, and the F-650/750 Stripped Chassis models in North America, as well as the Ford Ranger and Transit family in Europe.

While it’s possible that Ford could choose to delete amplitude modulation – the definition of AM in this case – from these particular models at some point in the future, it’s also perfectly reasonable to assume that for now at least, they will continue to offer it as a result of “longstanding contract language,” given the automaker’s recent comments on the matter.

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  1. Brad Barefoot

    Big mistake Ford, my job takes me to the state capital two to 4 times week, the AM station I tune in gives traffic updates every 10 minutes … FM doesn’t.

  2. Johnny B

    I absolutely will not buy a vehicle if it does not have an AM radio

  3. Dennis Fredrickson

    I have used Ford vehicles since 1979 but I will never own a vehicle without an AM radio.

  4. mabe

    I have to tell you Ford is out of touch with what people want in their vehicles. They say build it your way but you can’t.

  5. G FORD SR


  6. Ron Vekre

    I have had vehicle cars and trucks since 1956 now i am wondering others get better mpg than FORD do something not good FORD!!!!

  7. Charles Ernst

    What kind of people are running Ford these days? They decided CD player were no longer needed. My 2016 Sport had it along with an AM radio. Now these wizards of smart want to remove that as well. Worse yet, they are getting in bed with the Chinese. The governor of North Carolina told them to take a hike and take their Chinese battery plant with them. Good for him. More and more I think people will begin to take a stand against what they precieve to be unamerican.

  8. grumpyunk

    Lemme see…
    – drop all sedans
    – intent to drop non-icon vehicles such as Escape, Edge, though sales are good
    -de-content renaming it as removing complexity
    -drop AM radio
    -raise MSRP
    -have NOTHING at the entry level to get new buyers in the door
    -fail to increase production to match demand for multiple product lines
    Sure. Good ideas all.
    Your competition loves it.

  9. Gregg Montgomery/ Dayton,Oh.

    I love AM radio, It keeps me awake at night Picking up far away Stations , always there, lightning strikes and all!! AM radio is and always will the Gold standard of the US Radio, The icon!!! life without WLW ,WWL, WLS, KDKA,WBZ, WABC,WCBS, WHO, KMOX,WOAI, WRVA, WSB, WBBM, KXL, WJR? Life would be Boring on the nighttime Highways. Fifty years of driving Fords? If they drop AM, This one will be my last.


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