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Here’s An In-Depth Look At The All-New Ford Explorer: Video

Following many months of teasers and rumors, the all-new, all-electric Ford Explorer bound for Europe was revealed just last week, adding yet another EV to the automaker’s lineup in that region, which will become fully electric – at least in terms of passenger vehicles – by 2030. The historic new model will soon explore the entire globe with travel adventure influencer Lexie Alford behind the wheel, though it won’t be sold alongside its existing ICE-powered brethren in the future. Riding on Volkswagen’s MEB platform – which it shares with the ID.4, the all-new Ford Explorer EV is otherwise quite a bit different than that particular crossover, and now, FoMoCo has released a new video giving us a more in-depth look at what it has to offer.

Electric Ford Explorer Europe Video - Interior 001

One of the more interesting features present inside the Explorer EV’s cabin is what Ford calls “Sync Move,” which utilizes a 15-inch touchscreen that can move up and down, revealing a “private locker” behind it – which actually locks – where owners can stash valuable items. In this video, we get a good look at how that works for the first time, as the screen can be moved around by hand, it seems. Additionally, the Explorer comes equipped with a rather large “mega console,” which features 17 liters of storage capacity.

Electric Ford Explorer Europe Video - Exterior 002 - Rear Three Quarters

In terms of design, the new Ford Explorer mixes new elements – including its front “shield,” which has a flush Blue Oval integrated into it – along with traditional American SUV styling cues such as a “cab rearward stance,” a black A-pillar with a wraparound visor, and a C-pillar graphic, all traditional Explorer design elements. In this case, it’s all covered in a new color named Arctic Blue, which was developed especially for the new EV.

Inside the cabin, the intent was to make the Explorer EV an inviting, wraparound space that makes it feel as if the occupants are being “hugged,” which is further enhanced by the 3D-sculpted seat. Quite a bit of customer input went into designing the cabin, in fact, which is what prompted Ford to integrate the infotainment screen into the dash rather than having it sticking out or “floating.” Altogether, it’s a clever package with quite a bit of thought behind it, as well as many features that help differentiate it from other vehicles that share the same platform – and segment.

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  1. Gary

    Too bad Ford is not updating or making new models for the US. Apparently they think Europe and China is more important than their home base here.

    1. RWFA

      Don’t write stupid things Gary, it gives folks an accurate impression of you.

  2. T

    Ford can’t make a quality 2022 Explorer. Loaded of unsold 2022 explorers on lot due to recalls. Some sold and on hold! Fords sold and in customer driveways (or dealer service lots), after numerous repeated issues, their customer service is abysmal. A few years ago they would stepped in to re-purchased their POS, now they have the worse customer service in a decade. EV put the cart in front of the horse. US needed to initially create a solar alt power for homes and businesses that could adapt. Fund it with tax investment. Create clean source at the use point. Housing Urban Dev/HUD floats rehab money for qualified home owners, whereas they live at the enhanced home for 15 years the loan is paid in full, prorated per shorter times so no profiteering. Use a type of program – it will put people to work, best step toward cleaner environment. Then hook up the cart – wait for the unintended consequences for doing it ass backwards.

    1. RWFA

      Wow what a jumble of ideas.

      Wait 15 years? Are you trying to continue dependence on liquid vehicle fuels?

  3. T

    Gary, china and India was the undiscovered country. Now Politicians battle in the media, Corps sign production agreements in the Street. Main Street vs Wall Street. Ford took great profits putting decade old Fusion tech to ‘new’ car china production.

  4. Tom

    The so called eco friendly EV’s are butt F’ing ugly besides being a scam for being eco friendly. Stop and think about the natural resources that have to be dug up, fuel to run the excavators etc and then realize how gullible people have become to buy in to the lie……

  5. Jim

    Ford is a woke company. Will be bankrupt an out of business within 10 years. Spent 32 years at Ford

    1. RichG

      Define woke for me.

      Yeah, I’m calling you and people like you out on using “woke” for everything you don’t like. It’s absurd.

  6. T

    Part of the ‘service’ problem are dealers do not want to pay A Tech salaries. You end up with guys that have no experience, but using their laptop to hyper tune, change intake and exhaust. They never ‘built’ a car. I wasn’t much better when I took a rubber tube to listen to the ‘bad’ rocker arm or push rod, god forbid cam lobe from the top of the value cover. Then fixed it. Ever notice dealers usually do not have a tranny guy? But I knew enough to figure it out without pulling an engine code. But I can add in my head and do not rely on a calculator for the answer, but instead to validate my answer. And don’t blame it on Union scale. The owners all have big houses (more than one) and boats. And, typically wife #2.

  7. Chuck

    I predict that by 2030 Ford Showrooms will have a bunch of all electric vehicles sitting there collecting dust while there is a hell of a market for used ICE vehicles. America will be like Cuba — everyone will be driving old used vehicles except the very well-off.

    1. Brad

      Nah, the Mustang Mach E is outselling the ICE Mustang. Consumers want electric and so do I.

      1. T

        No it’s not


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