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Historic Ford Dealership Demolished To Make Way For New One

With new vehicle inventory hovering near or at record low levels for years now and the rollout of the new Model e Certified EV sales program, more than one Ford dealership has faced its fair share of difficult choices, with many smaller entities being bought up by larger dealer groups or closing altogether. That includes the legendary Worthington Ford in Southern California, which was recently sold to the Nouri/Shaver Automobile Group after its founder passed away back in 2012. Now, we can add yet another Ford dealership to this list – Matlock Ford – or Hubler Ford in Franklin, Indiana, as it’s now known – according to the Daily Journal.

Hubler Franklin Ford

Matlock Ford became Hubler Ford years ago when it was sold to its current owners, but until now, the company continued to utilize a historic building that was originally erected in 1989. However, the dealer has since erected a brand new, state-of-the-art facility directly behind the old building, and now, it’s has turned the page on that old site completely.

Hubler Auto Group has its own deep roots in Franklin as well, having been in business there since 1982. The new facility is larger, more modern, and more energy-efficient, as well as on par with company expectations for Blue Oval dealers. It also presents customers with a bigger waiting area, larger sales and service departments, and 20 additional employees, including salespeople, technicians, and managers that have been added to the staff since the dealer’s expansion.

Hubler Franklin Ford

“It has been an iconic place in Franklin,” said Bill Mahoney, Hubler Ford Franklin business manager. “We are very respectful of the Matlock family’s contribution to the community. We hope to continue and elevate that with the new dealership.”

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  1. RWFA

    What happened to my earlier comment?

    I was wondering if 1989 was a typo because a building built in such a recent year shouldn’t be particularly historical.

    1. AJS

      Almost 25 years old. Not historic classic, if we are talking in car terms, lol.

  2. Michael J Genzale

    Ford like most automobile manufactures has a design theme that corporate wants all outlets to share. Thus removing the different look facilities. Also homogulates the brand.
    Some manufactures, MB, Lexus, have gone as far as requesting that the name where the dealership is located inplace of a family name or business name.

  3. Detroit Derek

    If that is case what does that make me?
    People in Europe know something built in the 1800s is modern.

  4. mark ross

    1989 is not historic lol. i remember 1989 like yesterday, though back then bud light had a dog mascot and not sure what it is now

    1. AJS

      We don’t want to mention what Bud Light has as its mascot now 😆

  5. Daniel Lecompte

    Will the Pompano Lincoln dealership be replaced.

  6. Gordon

    This has been a disturbing trend within the Ford Motor Company ranks for a number of years now where it seems that history and tradition mean nothing to them. One only needs to look at the number of models and name plates that probably have forever disappeared or permanently shelved like Thunderbird, Galaxie, Fairlane, etc. etc. etc. as a Ford executive once told me many years ago, that that was history, and nobody is interested in history! To which I responded if you forget your history, then you probably won’t have one. Also, it is my opinion that I just continue of the sedan line safe for the Mustang It’s a decision that they will eventually regret.

  7. AJS

    How is hiring more employees liberal??

  8. Walter Linthacum

    Corporate America sometimes tends to shoot themselves in the foot in their ivory tower!!

  9. Bobby Goldsboro

    Why would anyone tear down a Buldg.only 35yrs. Old that’s just CooCoo! What a waste.

  10. Malcolm Novar

    Who’s the “fonder”?


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