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How To Unlock Ford Maverick Drive Modes Using FORScan: Video

As is typical with many modern vehicles, certain features are only available with certain trim levels, configurations, or option packages, though in many cases, those same features can be activated or deactivated using nothing more than software – with no physical parts involved whatsoever. For many Blue Oval models, owners can enable or disable features using FORScan – a software scanner that works with a variety of different types of vehicles. Recently, some Ford Maverick owners have discovered ways to use FORScan and the steering wheel from a Ford Escape to add cruise control to vehicles that previously didn’t come equipped with it, and now, a Ford Maverick owner that goes by JOSHIC on YouTube has figured out a way to unlock drive modes in the compact pickup, too.

Ford Maverick Enable Drive Modes FORScan

With a laptop plugged into the truck and FORScan pulled up, this process is relatively easy, though owners will want to turn the ignition on and ensure that the air conditioning isn’t running before proceeding. From there, clicking on the “chip” icon on the left hand side of the screen brings up a list of modules, though for this purpose, we’ll want to click on configuration and programming.

From there, owners simply need to click on ABS module configuration, press the play button, then SDM – ABS, and disable it. Doing this also disables the set amount of drive modes that FoMoCo limits, at which point owners can enable (or disable) every drive mode that is available for the Ford Maverick. In this case, the owner also wanted to turn off the “double honk” of the horn that occurs when one leaves the vehicle running but exits it with the key on their person, which many find to be rather annoying.

As our host points out, changing these features is very simple and doesn’t involve altering any code, but it’s still a good idea to back up one’s stock files in the event that something gets messed up. That way, it’s easy to switch back to all the default settings, though as one might imagine, changing any of these settings comes with its own set of risks.

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