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If You Want A Ford GT Order Kit, Here’s Your Chance

Following a limited-production run, much fanfare, and a number of special-edition variants, the current-generation Ford GT is officially finished after the last example was built and delivered last month. While most of us will never get to drive one of these super-expensive machines – let alone own one – there is a more affordable way to get one’s hands on a piece of the latest and greatest Blue Oval supercar – the order kit that buyers receive when they were selected to purchase one. Back in late February, a Ford GT order kit popped up for sale, and now, another one has hit the auction block at Bring a Trailer, too.

Ford GT Order Kit

The Ford GT order kit comes in a latching carbon-fiber case bearing a Ford logo and GT Design Spec logotype. The latch itself is a pretty cool piece, modeled after the same parts used on the LM GTE-Pro race car that debuted back in 2016, and there’s even space for a reproduction VIN plate if the owner chooses to add one. Additionally, this example comes with a Ford-Performance branded box with foam interior padding, along with a separate shipping box.

Ford GT Order Kit

Inside, the GT order kit features a removable, sliding door with eight exterior color samples, interchangeable body stripes, five material swatches, and six miniature wheel and brake caliper replicas to help prospective owners choose their preferred combination of those items. Owners were able to use the pieces to check out different exterior color and stripe options in a nifty, realistic manner before plunking down their hard-earned money.

Ford GT Order Kit

For the interior bits and pieces, owners could also mix and match materials and themes thanks to swatches made from Alcantara, leather, and carbon-fiber material samples, and the kit even includes a Heritage Edition wheel and collection of swatches, to boot. Overall, it’s a nifty piece of automotive memorabilia, though it likely won’t go cheap given the fact that the last one we came across hammered for $4,000, and this one is up to $1,369 with six days to go, as of this writing.

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    Hehehe! I got one of those kits when I bought my Chevy Bolt. Nothing special about it.


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