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Lincoln EV Timetable From 2022 No Longer Being Followed

One year ago today, a new Lincoln EV plan was announced that involved the launch of four new all-electric models under the luxury brand’s umbrella that were set to launch by 2026, with three of them arriving by 2025. That announcement coincided with the debut of the Lincoln Star concept, which was said to preview the styling direction of these new EVs and has since entered the testing phase. However, with CEO Dianne Craig replacing Joy Falotico back in December, the new Lincoln boss recently hinted that this timetable has since changed, according to Automotive News.

“When I’m ready to make a declaration about when we’re ready to come to market with our first EV or second EV, it will be when we’re really ready to talk about it,” she said. “The most important thing I’m focused on is to make sure we have EVs that we bring to market that are irresistible. No declarations on how many or confirming what was stated in the past. It’s not my focus. My focus isn’t on the timing or how many; it’s making sure we get the EVs right.”

These comments seemingly confirm that the previous Lincoln EV plan has changed, with the arrival of those future models likely delayed. For now, we do know that the Lincoln Aviator EV is set to be the luxury brand’s first all-electric model, however, and is expected to launch in 2025, possibly with a new nameplate attached to it. However, the next-generation version of the Aviator may also be sold as an EV only, too.

The Aviator EV will be built alongside the all-electric version of the Ford Explorer at the Oakville Assembly plant in Canada starting in 2025 following a retooling. However, while Ford’s current EV offerings are considered to be first-generation products, all future Lincoln EVs will be second-gen models riding on dedicated platforms, as Ford Authority reported last September.

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  1. Joe

    They have heard from their customer base that they do not want EVs. They sent out a poll to owners which we got and 47% said they were not going to buy one, then when add in probably not going to buy on they were near 70%.

    1. Rinzler

      Well since their customer base will die off in a few years, it probably is a good idea for Lincoln to diversify its offerings as well as who it sells to.

      1. wj

        They are making old people every day…lol…

  2. Bill

    Will Lincoln sales in the USA tank before 2026 and force it into the graveyard? Or will Ford try to sell it. Future is murky.

  3. Frankie

    Cadillac and Genesis meanwhile have a wide variety of decent product we want with ICE vehicles and Lincoln fails to give us what we want. Let me run Lincoln instead of Diannie. I’ll show you how to get sales up to 300K/ annual with exciting product. Time to shake up the neighborhood and make people take notice. Wake the sleeping giant. This would be even more than a “Break Through” .

  4. Chip

    Lincoln is stuck in the mud because of Fords stupid decision to kill off cars and ICE vehicles in the near future. So all they give Lincoln now is rebadged Ford SUV’s, same engines, chassis etc. A luxury brand needs both cars and SUV’s to survive. All other luxury brands have such a mix. Believe or not, not everyone wants an SUV. Unless Ford can give some unique products to Lincoln, they can’t survive much longer. Nowadays car companies are run by “bean counters” not true car people.

  5. Cigna

    Thanks to one of the worst management in the auto industry, chances of Lincoln joining Edsel, Mercury and FMC sedans are getting better and better.

  6. KerryO

    The Obits is being written. At least Lincoln hobbled along to reach 100 years. That’s about it. Cadillac is the only American Luxury Brand left after all these years.

  7. TonyS

    Dear Dianne, please over-ride whatever the Ford people say and allow Lincoln to offer ASAP excitement, drama, adventure, distinction, allure and sophistication in new vehicles. We want a respectable Continental, LS, Mark9 and a youthful Capri. (See, Lincoln had the capri before Ford and Mercury) The current line is garbage as is the proposed future. Why not showcase the event with special “Dead Brand Walking” editions all in the color black to symbolize the death of the Lincoln brand.


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