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Lincoln Sits Out 2023 New York International Auto Show

Like most automotive-related events, the New York International Auto Show was canceled not only in 2020, but also 2021 as the COVID-19 pandemic raged on. The long-running event did make its triumphant return last year, however, and featured Elvis Presley’s 1956 Continental Mark II, which is just one of the many Lincolns owned by the iconic singer over the years (though Continental was its own brand back then), which included a Lincoln Zephyr, a Lincoln Continental Mark 5, a Lincoln MK IV, and a Lincoln Continental Lehmann-Peterson Limousine, to name just a few. However, Lincoln is sitting out the 2023 New York International Auto Show, it seems.

Lincoln has no official presence at this year’s New York auto show, which is not uncommon for a number of automotive brand these days as attendance and interest in many of them continues to shrink. However, it is notable, as the luxury brand previously used this particular forum to introduce a number of new and important models, including the Lincoln Navigator concept a few years ago.

There are plenty of automakers and brands present at the 2023 New York International Auto Show, however, a list that includes Alfa Romeo, General Motors, Bentley, Stellantis, Porsche, Lexus, Volkswagen, Toyota, Ford, Genesis, Nissan, and Volvo, to name just a few.

The New York Auto Show is one of the oldest such events in the U.S., having debuted way back in 1900 at the original Madison Square Garden and serving as the host site for many important automotive debuts and moments, in general, over the years. The show has since moved to the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center, where it has expanded to include not only static displays, but also a host of hands-on experiences including an EV test track.

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  1. Nico

    One would think after 3 years of restrictions, you would want to “get back out in front of the buying public”!
    Let’s not do auto shows, let’s cut back on marketing, let’s not build quality into our products, heck why build any BRAND EQUITY at all, then you can stand in front of the board and say “See, I told you the brand was dying!
    WTF do I know, I’m only a customer.

  2. MJ

    Ford has killed Lincoln with mediocre limited products, so they should just kill off the brand. With the Nautilus being cancelled, no Corsairs being built this year, all they have to sell is the Navigator and Aviator. Pathetic. Either give Lincoln 8-10 distinct products or shut it down and be done. The brand is basically dead now anyway

  3. John

    “…attendance and interest in many of them continues to shrink.”

    Who wants to go look at the hundreds of today’s ugly egg shaped CUV models and the crap EVs with tech that isn’t ready for prime time yet?

    1. Tim

      Agreed !

  4. Bigburningassteve

    Hey Ford! We don’t want EVs! We want high horsepower V8 gas burning vehicles!

  5. Don

    I will not own an electric vehicle, no way, if Ford insists on them ,I will switch to who ever makes gas burning engines.

  6. Mark B

    From what I can recall from the past, auto shows of this ilk were a blend of what was available, or about to be available, futuristic concepts always with the promise of what might be, and as Nico said so well above, brand building. Let’s face it…with SUV’s and there siblings, what kind of excitement can be generated in that segment? Promise utility…most old school wagons offered more “utility space” for the same vehicle size. They all look like boots with wheels attached. This standard profile kind of limits styling exercises. It seems that transportation must be viewed as purely utilitarian, like an appliance, and who can get excited about that!

  7. Tim

    For electric appliances there is always Home Depot. I’m afraid Ford and GM are racing towards extinction. Have several relatively new ICE vehicles so I see no need to start plugging in and being introduced to range anxiety.

  8. Lincoln Fan Mark

    Not exactly building the brand, as promised, repeatedly, by FMC.

    What does Lincoln’s future hold other than a cadre of promised E-vehicles in ’25 which don’t appear to be anywhere near ready to roll in less than two calendar years. If the Nautilus is dead and the Corsair is next to be axed, how can FMC sustain a Lincoln dealer network? I guess the Navigator and Aviator will be rebadged as King Ranch editions of the Expedition and Explorer and Lincoln will be just another headstone in America’s glorious automotive cemetery. Say it ain’t so.

  9. Bill

    Of course Lincoln won’t be at the show!!!! What would they show? It’s time for them to say bye bye.

  10. Tom

    Last year Lincoln was media teasing a sexy Lincoln Of Tomorrow. Now they can’t get 2023 Corsair to showrooms because of issues and any remaining 2022 (and most dealers are out of stock) are on ‘delivery hold’ due to recalls. 23 Nautilus was still born when Lincoln decide to tell everyone there will not be a 2024. Any how lessees where in the same style since the MKX! Continental and MKZ buyers were told to lease their next car at Lexus and Genesis. Aviator and Navigator getting long in the tooth – the excitement is gone. The Continental was introduced to a public that didn’t want to afford it on their Social Security check. Intro’d when dealers needed the Aviator two years earlier! Lincoln’s history the great LS, then sell the platform; MKZ the sexiest best built Lincoln in a decade, sell its platform to Ford of China. What Lincoln needed was a car show of each of the four models in SVT/Shelby form with 10 of each model produced for each Lincoln dealership a year after… create 500 special black label (think 1941 or 56 Continental, versions that are doled out to the movers and shakers of the world…the advertisement is just a picture (maybe even black and white) with the mover or shaker standing next to their HOT ROD LINCOLN, (envision Clark Gable leg up on a Dusey) Lady Gaga…the tag line ‘Ask the person who drives one’. Yes, it’s the Packard line but it would work. Let the media run with it. Build it and they will come. Every auto rag mag testing a Lincoln that will out run a Caddy and Mercedes AMG, BMW M at Nuremberg. Put the Hot Ford Supercar 3.5 in every one with mag suspension and black label interior. Create excitement…the snotty scrum bag elite will emulate the Rat Pack. History doesn’t repeat itself…human nature just doesn’t change.

  11. Tom

    Image creating a IROC type series of just hot rod Lincoln’s best drivers equal Lincoln’s with hot rod engines. Race on Sunday – sell on Monday.

  12. Tom

    How do you not show at the NY Auto Show! If ford is seeking to kill Lincoln, like MERCURY why are they threatening Lincoln dealers that are not self standing to separate their showrooms. Yes, it should be done. But, if you can’t sell Lincolns, how do you pay the overhead? If a Lincoln Dealer could sell a 100 vehicle per month, Owners would be buying vacant shopping malls! MERCURY sold more cars during 2011 than Lincoln sells now in the USA.

  13. Bill

    I went to the NY Auto Show yesterday. I’ve been going each year for 35 years. It was the most lackluster atmosphere I experienced in all these years. The product line of all the manufacturers with their SUVs is uninspiring and easy to walk past and pay no attention to. You know what did have the crowds of people looking at? It was cars. If the manufacturers would build affordable sporty cars that every day people with medium incomes can afford they would have a customer for life. I’m a life long Ford owner. They are losing me with their product line. My daughter bought her first new car and it was a Honda Civic. It was affordable and sporty enough to capture her business. When she wanted another car she did not even look anywhere else but Honda. She upgraded and purchased a higher trim level Civic. Give the first time buyer a regular car to get them into your brand that is interesting to them and affordable and you may have a customer for life. SUVs are not what is going to get people to be excited and loyal to your brand.

    1. Cigna

      I believe SUVs, P/Us and Crossovers will make car shows a thing of the past. Very few people go to car shows to watch boxes and commercial vehicles, no matter how much leather they have. That’s the reason I stopped going to car shows.

  14. William Jenkins

    This year’s Auto show was a total disgrace. Certainly not the auto show your dad took you to, and barely international. With no Lincolns, no Cadillacs, no Mercedes, no BMWs, no Mazda, no Volvo, no Land Rover, no Jaguar, the show was a complete failure.

  15. Cigna

    Why would New York, or any car show want to let this brand show their boring line-up? Their 2023 sales are running behind 2022’s dismal sales.


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