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Man Shot By Police Outside Ford Plant Last Weekend

While it isn’t exactly a common occurrence, at least one shooting has occurred at a Ford plant in the past – in fact, a worker at the Kansas City Assembly plant was shot and killed outside that facility back in 2017. Now, another Ford plant – Wayne Integral Stamping and Assembly in Wayne, Michigan – is the site of another similar crime, though this time, it was police that shot an armed man after he pointed a gun at them this past Saturday night, according to The Detroit News.

The shooting reportedly took place just after 7pm this weekend, when the man – who was brandishing a firearm at that time – was reportedly trying to gain access to the Wayne plant. The Wayne Police Department responded to the call and encountered the man outside of the facility and attempted to resolve the situation peacefully, though that ultimately didn’t happen.

“The suspect was given several commands to show his hands, in which he responded by displaying a handgun,” Wayne police said in a press release. “The officers continued to give the suspect verbal commands to drop his weapon when he pointed the weapon at officers.”

One Wayne Police Department officer then fired a single shot, seriously injuring the man in the process before six officers subdued him and began to administer aid. With assistance from Wayne County Sheriff’s deputies and Wayne Fire Rescue workers, the man was then transported to Beaumont hospital in Dearborn, though his condition is currently unknown. No one else was injured in the incident, and the Michigan State Police are currently investigating the matter, while Ford spokesperson Kelli Felker confirmed to The Detroit News that the automaker is cooperating with that investigation, too.

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  1. RWFA

    There’s at least one more case within a Ford plant.*

    Nearly 30 years ago, Darryl Izzard, a well-liked assistant plant manager of Ford’s Wixom Assy plant was randomly shot and killed by a loon, with an AK, dressed like Rambo, who had a romantic fixation on a woman who hardly knew him. (He tried to break into the plant to propose, was turned away, came back days later with a gun.)

    * this happened in 1996, an AP report pointed out “The shooting was at least the fifth at a Michigan auto plant since 1994.” (That’s about 1 every 5 months, in Michigan auto plants. At the time folks were shocked because “going postal” was still a kind of considered a post office thing.)

  2. mfornetti

    This is what happens when you have the mentally ill or people with no proper upbringing loose out on the street.
    We need insane asylum’s back.

  3. Becky

    He was probably just trying to sneak in an get his vehicle that he ordered 18 months ago.

    1. mfornetti

      Becky, A+ for humor.


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