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Men And Women Alike Dig The Ford Bronco Sport

From the day it launched for the 2021 model year, the Ford Bronco Sport proved to be an important product for The Blue Oval, attracting legions of shoppers from other brands, a group that spans a wide range of demographics. Turns out, the more rugged crossover has broad appeal, and has thus far proven to be a conquest champ of sorts for FoMoCo – right alongside its big brother, the Ford Bronco. That trend continued in the first quarter of 2023 as well, according to Ford’s most recent sales report.

As Ford Authority reported yesterday, female buyers accounted for 31 percent of all Ford Bronco retail sales, which is an eight percent increase since the SUV debuted a couple of years ago. However, the Ford Bronco Sport enjoys a more even mix of customers, as the automaker’s most recent demographic info – collected through January – shows that 51 percent of owners are female, which is essentially an even split.

On top of proving to be equally appealing to men and women, the Ford Bronco Sport has also proven to be a desirable vehicle for owners of other branded vehicles since its launch. Back in March 2021, the vast majority of Bronco Sport buyers – 60 percent – made the switch from another brand to the rugged crossover, and as of June in that same year, the Bronco Sport counted Jeep as its biggest conquest, which is notable given that it’s a brand that has forged its reputation on off-road-focused vehicles.

Thus far, the Ford Bronco Sport has also proven to be a satisfying vehicle to own as well, according to J.D. Power’s 2022 U.S. APEAL Study, which named that particular model as the highest-ranked small SUV on the market, meaning that it could have the staying power to keep shoppers interested moving forward.

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  1. JB

    …the momentum is over. The author needs to validate this ‘study’ against the cold and hard numbers.

    Here’s REALITY check:
    – Sales for the Bronco have been flat so far this year and wayyyyy behind other ‘off road’ like competitors like Subaru CrossTrek, Outback…
    – Bronco’s moment is over…stocks are starting to pile up, lots of brand new 2022 units still left in stock…

    I am even going to bring up the Escape because that’s a pretty much dead product now – Hyundai sells almost as many Palisades as Ford sells Escapes.

  2. Bronco Lover

    Love the Bronco!!!

  3. Kevin C Terpstra

    I love my Ford Bronco Sport Big Bend edition. I have 6800 miles on my 2022 model and it is now one year since I bought it and no problems to report! Took it on trip to California and back to Colorado last fall and what a great ride…


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