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More Ford Bronco Variants Coming In Future Years

Since its launch, the sixth-generation Ford Bronco has gained multiple variants, including the Ford Bronco Raptor, Everglades, Heritage, and Heritage Limited, adding to what is already an expansive lineup with six different trim levels. However, with the rugged SUV proving to be a huge success that’s still in short supply and high demand, it makes perfect sense that The Blue Oval would want to continue churning out new variants, and that’s precisely what it plans to do.

Ford Bronco Raptor Off-Roadeo Front Three Quarters View

“So there’s three examples on the screen here, with Everglades, the Raptor, and Heritage, all distinctly going after different customers. This is just the start. We have a ton more coming,” Jim Baumbick, Ford’s vice president, product development operations and quality, said while speaking at the 2023 Bank of America Global Automotive Summit.

“And on Bronco, we’re never going to let the foot off the throttle pedal. We have a ton of opportunity in different spaces to speak to different customers. And I can tell you with perfect certainty, you look at something like a Bronco Raptor customer versus a Heritage customer, they’re very different. And for some customers it’s a bit of a wrestle. They want both. So this a really incredible opportunity for us to leverage.”

These comments go hand in hand with Ford’s plan to continue to produce different specialty models such as off-road focused Tremor and Timberline versions of the Ford Ranger, Ford F-150, Ford Super Duty, Ford Expedition, and Ford Explorer. Given the profitability of those models, expanding its portfolio in that regard also makes perfect sense as the automaker looks to improve upon its disappointing 2022 financial performance and slash $8 billion in costs over the coming years.

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  1. Tim

    I absolutely LOVE my Bronco. If I could design it exactly how I want though, I’d love a true metal permanent hardtop (like a “normal” suv), just for noise reduction etc. I’m probably an oddball, just not a guy that ever removes the hardtop or even wants to.

    1. Walter

      Not at all an oddball…that’s exactly what I want too. So much so that I’m considering a Defender (even if the Defender sticker is a tough pill to swallow).

    2. John daltroff

      I agree, my father had a 1978 bronco with hardtop, as comfortable and quiet as any sedan, I can’t live with the noise of the current bronco or wrangler.

  2. Robert

    I do wish they would not make even more variants. That’s a distraction. There’s already too many models.

    The focus should be on 1) getting existing models built for all the people that are waiting for them and 2) designing hybrid and electric versions.

    1. Obed

      Agree, Ford has not come with a single “NEW” vehicle after the Maverick and Bronco. They have redesigned most models across its short line up but thats about it and that its why I will be looking somewhere else for my next vehicle.

    2. Hugh

      Robert I couldn’t agree with you more……I’m waiting patiently for a Bronco EV but I’ll only
      wait so long (1 Year) for the EV Bronco

  3. LandCruiserAlex

    I want a lesser sasquatch with the front AND rear lockers but without the bigger wheels. thanks

  4. Bsd2m

    I agree. Definitely not an odd all comment. I would love a true hard top with a sunroof type option and a nicer interior but maintain the rest. I love it but I have a 70 Bronco as well w top off.

  5. Flyer

    Still waiting for a Bronco or Maverick AWD/4WD Hybrid! If not available soon, will have to go Toyota Hybrid!

  6. 4easter

    I want it to go a different direction… more open top. The Wrangler offers a hardtop with the Sky One Touch feature that powers an open canvas area. This eliminates much of the noise and maintains the security of the hard top. I want easier top down driving that the airfoil the current Bronco soft top makes when opened.


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