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S650 Ford Mustang Raptor On Track For 2026 Debut: Report

In recent years, Ford’s Raptor family has grown to include not only the Ford F-150 Raptor (and Raptor R), but also the Ford Bronco Raptor and Ford Ranger Raptor, each of which is sold in more than one country across the globe. These hardcore, high-performance off-road vehicles have become incredibly popular among enthusiasts, routinely selling for far more than MSRP and remaining in high demand. As such, it would be perfectly sensible to expect to see even more Raptor-fied vehicles moving forward, and that may very well be the case with an S650 Ford Mustang Raptor, according to Car and Driver.

Last November, Ford Authority rendered an S650 version of what we thought a Ford Mustang Raptor R might look like, but that was merely a hypothetical exercise. However, Car and Driver is now reporting that such a machine is on track to arrive in 2026, though the rag doesn’t outline any sources for this information, which was published online today but is destined to appear in the May 2023 issue of the magazine.

Regardless, C&D does provide a few details regarding what we can expect from this more affordable Porsche 911 Dakar rival, including the fact that it will be powered by a naturally-aspirated 500 horsepower version of the Ford 5.0L V8 Coyote engine, though no manual transmission will reportedly be available – just the 10-speed automatic, and no two-speed transfer case, either, though it will utilize an electronically controlled center differential, while a Predator-powered Raptor R version is inevitable too, it seems.

Otherwise, the Ford Mustang Raptor will share quite a bit in common with other Raptor models, including its Fox Live Valve dampers, a two-inch lift, beefier springs, skid plates, fender flares, and all-terrain tires. Pricing will reportedly start out at around $90k, making this a pretty pricey pony.

Ford opted not to offer all-wheel drive on the 2024 Mustang, and the S650 may be the last to offer a V8 engine. Considering the fact that S650 production will reportedly end by 2030, it makes sense to churn out as many special models as possible in the meantime – including the next-gen Shelby GT500, which will launch in 2025 for the 2026 model year and was recently spied in mule form by Ford Authority.

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  1. David Dickinson II

    I find this Mad Max-mobile appealing, but I wouldn’t drop $90k for it and I doubt many others will either.

  2. Jay Jay

    I’ll believe it when I see an actual prototype. This seems way too out of left field at this point.

  3. JimL

    It’s April 1st somewhere, I suppose.

    1. Metz

      I actually though this was a delayed April Fools post

  4. Mark

    Someone please agree with me that this is retarded.

    1. Jeff

      Most ignorant thing I’ve seen Ford to consider after being a Ford dealer for 61 years, and I’ve seen stupid stuff…

  5. John

    Usually these things are ridiculous, but I kinda like this one.

  6. GaryB

    LIttle late for April Fools. Also, definitely not enough space in the wheel well for big rocks or any articulation. Would be a better rally car, assuming its not too heavy

  7. Robert T Arthur

    I don’t see a big enough market for this to make if feasible. Crazy idea.

  8. Richard Jones

    That car look like something these grown azz kids would create. That car looks retarded as hell.

    1. Kip

      You got that right!

  9. hot toddy

    could be another Ford unicorn, but maybe not.

  10. Mrx19

    Who on earth would buy one of these? Utterly absurd.

  11. Lanan Staunton

    Are the Coyote & Predator engines related?

  12. Jim


  13. Dave

    Perfect for our local cops that are constantly destroying cars.

  14. Mark B

    Okay why again? Oh yes…because we can! Dumb, really dumb…

  15. Anonymous

    I guess if Lamborghini is doing it with the Huracan Sterrato, Ford might as well follow suit and do it with the Mustang.

  16. Sterling

    All of the old people saying this is dumb please leave the chat. You’re irrelevant and out of touch which is why you never landed a job in marketing. That aside this is a very niche market but I think it’s great ford is actually doing something interesting with a V8, if they are, in fact, even doing it.

  17. Marvin

    I can’t wait to see the local red necks out Mud Bogging in a Mustang.

  18. Dave Mathers

    I had to check the date as I figured this was an April Fool’s joke.

  19. Darcy Wiebe

    So, has anyone in North America seen a Ranger Raptor? This Mustang Raptor if it’s real will be for Australia just like the Ranger.

  20. Greg

    Ford’s design team must be passing around the crack pipe. This is unwanted and completely unnecessary. No one will buy this. And I’m a Ford guy.


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