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Used Ford Maverick Pickups Prices Trending Higher Than New

The Ford Maverick has remained in high demand and short supply since the day it launched for the 2022 model year, and the compact pickup has also earned its fair share of accolades in that time span as well. That list includes a spot on Car and Driver‘s 10Best list for 2023, being named Consumer Reports most satisfying pickup and one of its top 10 new vehicles for 2023, a regular spot on Kelley Blue Book’s most considered electrified vehicles list, and a KBB resale value award. However, this popularity also means that the Ford Maverick is one of the more commonly marked-up new vehicles on sale, as well as one that routinely sells for more money used versus new, according to new data from iSeeCars.

The Ford Maverick made the most recent list of used vehicles that cost more than their new counterparts, which is notable because overall used vehicle prices have cooled off somewhat over the past couple of months. Regardless, demand for the Maverick hasn’t waned one bit, and prices remain sky high. In fact, the Ford Maverick topped this list by touting average used pricing that’s $4,038 or 12.3 percent higher than new, coming in at $36,777.

That gives the Maverick a rather sizable gap between it and the second place finisher, the Toyota Corolla Hybrid, which is selling for 7.9 percent more used than new, on average. It’s also a pretty big difference when compared to the average used vehicle, which is listed for 8.1 percent or $3,701 less than new.

It is worth noting that this data is derived from 8.9 million used car listings, collected from February and March of 2023 – not actual sales prices, so it’s possible that the gap between used and new Maverick pricing is actually smaller in reality. Regardless, it’s quite clear to anyone shopping for a used Maverick that buying a new one – even though that typically involves a rather long wait – is likely to be a cheaper endeavor.

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  1. Bob

    Everything thinks it sips gas and doesn’t cost much. Reality is if your doing only highway they get in the high 20s. They could have bought a Ranger

    1. Rick

      That’s not correct. I haven’t seen anyone who doesn’t say they get at least 30 on the highway with either the Ecoboost or the Hybrid.

      1. Gary Kasper

        Brother In Law is getting in the high 40’s with the Hybrid.

        1. M NC

          I have a 2023 lariat with hybrid engine. I’m getting mid to high 40’s on some in town trips! Was worth the wait (ordered 11/21, received 3/23). LUV IT!!!!

          1. Bruce Allen

            I ordered my mav lariat 10/21 arrived 2 weeks ago as a ‘23. Love it too.

      2. Bruce Allen

        I am getting 38 in town on my 2 week old Mav Lariat.

    2. Pete

      But people don’t want a Ranger, it’s still considered too big for a large portion of buyer’s. Comparing the Ranger to the Maverick is a apples and oranges thing.

      1. rangerdanger

        I have an OBS ranger and the maverick is “huge” compared to it. I like the size of my ranger because i can reach anything in the back of the bed with a ladder

        1. Dave

          I got 29mpg on the 2 trips I took on the open road. I don’t think a dual cab Ranger is anywhere close in price. I bought my Maverick because I could afford it, I liked the look of it, mileage and dual cab. Looks to me like an equally equipped Ranger is about $10,000 more. I paid $26,000 for my Maverick XLT. Had I had been able to buy a brand new dual cab Ranger for that price, I would have bought it.

  2. Buster

    I don’t see what all the hype is about. These girly-man trucks are cheaply made in Mexico. The mufflers are already rusting out on 2022 models you’ll be lucky if they reach the warranty date. The rear suspension is a joke. Buy a used basic model at a $10K mark up only if you can handle the depreciation and of course if you are a girl.

    1. Kevin

      We don’t all have issues with our masculinity like you do. Compensating for something are you?

      1. Rosko

        You are correct Kevin. Compensating and I think he’s jealous he can’t get his hands on one of these sweet rides. I see him on here a lot, always calling it a girly-man truck. I don’t think he even owns a truck, probably just inline skates. 😜

    2. Bruce Allen

      We know mother nature short changed you. Sad.

    3. Whizwart

      um, it’s a Ford run plant for the Maverick. If it’s cheap, its got nothing to with where or who is assembling the vehicle, it’s Ford design and procurement process. Not to mention there’s plenty of issues with Ford’s US assembled lines.

    4. Zeek

      I’ve been driving full-size trucks since 1973. My last one was a f150 xlt fx4 off-road. My new Maverick awd with towing package pulled my 3950 lb.boat out of the water and down 75 miles of thruway without a sweat. It pulled better than my f150 and got 5 miles per gallon better mileage. So get over yourself. You don’t know what your talking about.

  3. Papa Oz

    Ok. Has anyone seen an actual cyber orange Maverick?? I am confused as to whether it is more yellow?? I wanted a yellow Maverick but that is not available so I went with cyber orange. Now I am not so sure. Just want to know. I don’t want a weird orange color.

    1. Whizwart

      The Maverick Ford had at the Chicago Auto show was Cyber Orange (Lariat model, got to sit in it, pretty comfy). It definitely was more orange than Yellow. I think sometimes the lighting or camera use in some of the pics makes it more yellowish.

    2. Zeek

      Its not a weird orange. It’s school bus 🚌 orange.

  4. Liquid

    Price gouging.
    Report these dealerships to Ford, they will lose their privilege.
    Legislation should me made as well. Unfortunately, as it currently stands, there are no laws on the books to protect the consumer. As usual.
    I witnessed a used 2022 XLT with very few extras, no tonneau, no racks, no tow package, it had 13,000+ miles on it and selling price was $36K.
    Sent pics to Ford.
    I’ve been on the waiting list for a very basic XL for over a year, even have a deposit but have heard nothing yet.
    Gouging like this doesn’t help the brand and makes the manufacturer look bad as well. We all lose.

    1. Zeek

      My dealer apologized for having to charge me the full sticker price. They usually negotiate a substantial discount. As for the marked up used one’s. The only way they can put one on the lot is to buy used ones. And then change what the market will pay. It’s only price gouging when they mark up new ones over sticker price.

  5. Ken

    New 22 Mav hybrid. Combined mileage upper 30’s. During break-in mileage kept rising. At 5K computer said 42.1 combined! Mostly rural road highway commuting. Then we took a trip to the beach. People driving 80. Wife suggested just go with the flow, safer. About 7 hrs RT. I saw 90 once. No difference inside the Mav, humming right along. About every hour milage dropped a tenth. Pulled into my driveway reading 41.6. Probably had 200 lbs of gear, coolers, and bags. Now to get back to 42’s. Is 43 ???

  6. Papa Oz

    Thanks for the info on the cyber orange. Just hoping and waiting for now.

  7. ronarb

    When do the order books for the ’24 model open up ?

  8. FLP

    Love my 2022 Ranger but 21.5 MPG

  9. Joanne

    I had a conversation with a dealer in Southern CA. They said they were marking the brand new maverick hybrid up $10000. I sent a message to Ford but never got a response.

  10. Robert Y

    Well, this isn’t news. It’s been like that since the launch of the new line. Is this just a setup for higher MSRP?

  11. grumpyunk

    The Used vs New pricing may be reflective of the automatic listing at MSRP of vehicles scheduled for shipment to the dealers. Ford populates their web site, sorted for dealer, and posts the new cars at MSRP, not indicating any ADM above MSRP. In that way, new prices will always lag from actual sales price.

  12. Chris Wainscott

    Wish it would come to Australia , no matter what the price


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