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Walmart Outlines Plan To Expand EV Charging Network

With EV charging infrastructure proving to be a problem across the globe -as well as a large obstacle to widespread EV adoption – Ford has worked to expand its network by requiring Model e Certified dealers to install public fast chargers at their facilities, while the U.S. government is also handing out incentives to states so that more chargers can be built along highways and in dense urban areas. Third-party charging companies like Electrify America are also working to expand their own networks, but now, retail giant Walmart – a FoMoCo customer itself – has announced that it’s getting into the EV charging game as well.

Walmart EV Charging Station Expansion

Walmart plans to create its own EV fast-charging network by adding more chargers to its thousands of stores – along with Sam’s Club locations – across the U.S. by 2030, which will build upon the company’s existing 1,300 chargers that are already available at 280 stores in America. Given the fact that there’s a Walmart or Sam’s Club within 10 miles of around 90 percent of American’s homes, this is a notable expansion, indeed, particularly since many of the retailer’s locations are in rural areas, which are severely lacking in terms of infrastructure at the moment.

Of course, this expansion will be a big financial boon for Walmart itself, as customers that choose to charge at its locations will also likely spend some time in the stores, picking up food or other items while they wait. The company notes that it plans to offer low-cost charging to its customers as well, which should prove appealing for those traveling from one location to another.

Walmart EV Charging Station Expansion

“As more drivers transition to EVs, our network growth will help expand domestic EV charging capacity across states,” said Vishal Kapadia, Senior Vice President, Energy Transformation at Walmart. “We see our commitment today as a natural extension of our work to help customers and members live better, easier and more sustainable lives – a big win for busy families and drivers everywhere, our country, and the planet.

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  1. Bill Howland

    The solar panels here are pretty much just for looks. Since the size of the comic strip ‘Chargers’ are huge, they must be all fast chargers – meaning 60,000 to 350,000 watts each…. 12 solar panels, even the huge 300 watt style (only in very BRIGHT Sun) is only 3,600 watts – in Northern latitudes forget about anything approaching beyond 3,000 watts at HIGH NOON. So the smallest of these car connectors for ONE CAR will require 20 times the electricity manufactured by the entire complex.

    These will be good for when some dopey administration causes gasoline to go to $8 a gallon or beyond… Of course Woke policies will cause electricity to also rise, but no where near as fast – therefore these things will be an alternative to gov’t stupidity.

    Of course, decorum prevents me from stating what is REALLY going on here.

  2. RWFA

    “Woke…”. Oh hahahaha, I think it may be brains that keep you from understanding what’s going on.

    Ever stop to consider that the solar arrays are there for the purpose of lighting the facility?

    1. Bill Howland

      What an idiot comment…..

      1). Electricity is fungible. Whatever the juice is used for it runs through the same Revenue Meter.

      2). As far as ‘brains’ go, you self-appointed experts never give the slightest detail on anything since you are unfamiliar with the way things work.

  3. RWFA

    I don’t see the future of charging looking like this with just a few chargers.

    Unless it’s going to be some kind of valet service, I seem more chargers at a large number of parking slots.

    I also see merchants using subsidized charging as a loss leader to draw in customers and to use the longish charging time to keep the hem in the store or restaurant or mall to spend money.

  4. Solterra owner

    This is great news. High speed chargers are basically non-existing in our area. I hope they do Sam’s first

  5. Ron

    WalMart and Sams will hit another financial home run as while the EVs are charging……….more $$$$$$ are being spent in the stores

  6. Bill Howland

    Haha I gotta see this… The big news of course is that Walmart overall is closing locations.

  7. Sandy

    I am hoping the charge costs are minimal as more money will be spent in the stores,


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