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Wild Crash Creates Demo Derby With Multiple Ford Vehicles

Thanks to the prevalence of dash cams and smartphones these days, we’re seeing more and more wild crashes captured on film and uploaded to the internet, including horrifying head-on accidents, those that result from bad decisions made out on the trails, and even wrecks involving cars that smash through garages and land on top of other vehicles. Now, we have yet another rather obscene accident worth watching, this time involving a wide array of Ford vehicles in what quickly escalates into a massive incident recorded by a couple sitting at a stop light near an overpass.

Multiple Ford Vehicles Involved In Crash

While the person recording all of the action is sitting at the stoplight waiting to turn left on a highway/interstate, the passenger clearly sees that something bad is coming from the left – in this case, a speeding white Lincoln MKX that smashes into a Ford Taurus, which in turn crashes into a Ford F-150. If that Blue Oval pileup isn’t enough, thing just get worse from there.

The F-150 is pushed into the concrete median and winds up barreling straight at the truck being driven by the folks recording the whole thing, though the driver somehow manages to turn right at just the right second, avoiding a collision. However, the driver of the Lincoln – who we can now see is attempting to flee a pursuing police officer – keeps going, even with extensive front end damage that has slowed the crossover to a crawl.


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The Lincoln driver rolls into yet another crossover before it’s finally disabled by an old-fashioned PIT maneuver, at which point this wild chase comes to an end. However, the sheer number of Ford vehicles alone – not to mention other brands involved – that are damaged is pretty mind-boggling, not to mention highly ironic.

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  1. RWFA

    I’m not finding the irony.

    “I do not think that word means what you think it means.”

  2. DownWithIntrusiveVideoAds

    Sad another beautiful Taurus is lost, and to an idiot at that. Prices on those cars just keep going up. Find one old as 2012 with low miles, it’s $15-20k. Ridiculous.

    Hope they can find a replacement.

    1. Titus McGuirk

      Along that statement: If you research KBB values, insurance deductibles; the older cars are not marketed correctly to keep up with this recession. Upon holding value. Especially when rebel’s do what they do (the folks who don’t care)! Like the fool that runs from an accident. That’s why I’ve driven our (now) classic 2003 Ford Expedition Eddie Bauer 4wd Modified/updated/upgraded.

  3. 1970Mav

    I wish the video was longer to show the police placing the Lincoln driver in cuffs.

  4. Richard Rassh

    Jesus…mute video


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