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1997 Mercury Cougar With Less Than 300 Miles Up For Auction

In recent months, we’ve come across a number of nice, low-mile, Ford Thunderbird examples from the more modern era, including a 16k-mile 1986 model, a stellar 3k-mile 1987 T-Bird, Jeff Gordon’s personal 1991 Super Coupe, and a rather stunning 1995 LX with just 22k miles on the clock. Now, we’ve also stumbled upon a rather amazing example of the T-Bird’s more luxurious counterpart from this period in time – a 1997 Mercury Cougar with just 291 miles showing on the odometer, which is being auctioned off at Bring a Trailer.

1997 Mercury Cougar Wiht 291 Miles - Interior 001

It’s unclear what might have motivated the original owner(s) of this 1997 Mercury Cougar to not drive it and stash it away for future generations to enjoy, but now that the selling dealer has “discovered” it, somebody is going to get the chance to own what is likely the nicest 1997 Mercury Cougar in existence – or, at least, the one with the least amount of mileage, we have to presume.

1997 Mercury Cougar Wiht 291 Miles - Engine Bay 001

Finished in Vibrant White, there aren’t really any flaws to be found – as one might expect – save for some pitting on the front trim pieces, according to the listing. The big coupe still wears its cast-aluminum 15-inch wheels, which are wrapped with Firestone FR680 tires of unknown age, while the immaculate interior features Light Prarie Tan cloth along with amenities such as a power driver’s seat, power windows and locks, and a leather-wrapped steering wheel.

1997 Mercury Cougar Wiht 291 Miles - Exterior 002 - Rear Three Quarters

Power for this particular Cougar comes from the naturally-aspirated Ford 4.6L V8, which in this guise churns out 205 horsepower and 280 pound-feet of torque. That power flows to the rear wheels via a four-speed automatic transmission, though it obviously hasn’t seen much use over the past quarter-century plus. It’s difficult to predict what kind of price this gem will ultimately sell for, but one thing’s for certain – there likely isn’t a nicer one out there, for what it’s worth.

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  1. Ford500guy

    I bought a 1989 Cougat Xr7 Blue Max edition for $250.00 with a bad transmission. Drove the car for two months before I replaced the trans and traded the car for a f150 pu. Wish I still had the car. The Blue Msx is a very rare car indeed.

  2. Ben G

    The writeup is incorrect.
    It isn’t a sedan it’s a 2 door coupe. If the boss would buy my 2005 Ford for 4,000 dollars I would put another 1,000 dollars with the 4K and I would take the cougar 4,000+another 1,000 if he is interested. That way he would get the better end of the deal with 5 grand plus a vehicle


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