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2023 Ford Bronco To Get Standard Marine Grade Vinyl Interior

We’re roughly midway through the 2023 model year, but the Ford Bronco continues to face some updates along the way, as Ford Authority has reported on over the past few months. Thus far, that list includes multiple revisions to its audio system options, the introduction and elimination of a navigation system removal option, and a few other various tweaks, many of which have come about as a result of supply chain issues. Now, another mid-year change is coming to the 2023 Ford Bronco, according to Bronco Nation – the implementation of the marine grade vinyl interior as standard equipment.

Previously, both the Black Diamond and Badlands trimmed models came standard with the marine grade vinyl interior, which is better suited to off-roading, as it’s easier to clean than cloth or leather. The marine grade vinyl interior also comes with rubberized washout flooring with active drain plugs, making it very easy to simply hose out things like mud, dust, and dirt after a long day on the trails.

Now, both the 2023 Ford Bronco Base and Big Bend models will come standard with the marine grade vinyl interior as well, which is good news for prospective buyers of those models that were interested in upgrading to it previously. This change is set to take effect with models produced starting on July 10th, 2023.

As Ford Authority previously reported, 2023 Ford Bronco order banks reopened back in late March, though this time, to new customers – not just carryover reservation and order holders, as was previously the case. However, this doesn’t apply to all trims and configurations, as new orders aren’t being accepted for Base or Everglades trims, models with the seven-speed manual transmission and optional Badlands wheels, and the Bronco Raptor and Heritage Limited, which will continue to be handled through a separate allocation process.

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  1. John

    Very good. Now, delete the Sync4 and put the outgoing Ranger’s gauge cluster in the base model. Don’t forget the price cut.

    1. John

      Oh and get the manual transmission back online!

  2. BroncoEAI1975

    Why not just drop all trims below Badlands, and let us pick what we actually want, give us the option for any wheels, tires, grills, and interior color or seat material. I can picture my Bronco in my mind, but at would have to get three trims to make what i want, four if I include the tires I want.

  3. K

    the washout floors do not appear to be part of the upgrade


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