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2023 Ford Escape Production Increased In April

Production of the refreshed 2023 Ford Escape got off to a bit of a slow start after The Blue Oval discovered an instrument cluster-related software issue with the crossover, prompting it to put things on hold until it could rectify that problem. The automaker later fixed this particular issue with a mere software re-flash, and not too long afterward, 2023 Ford Escape production ramped up significantly. According to the automaker’s latest sales report, that trend continues as even more units of the refreshed crossover rolled off the line at the Louisville Assembly plant in April, too.

2023 Ford Escape

After building just 494 2023 Ford Escape models in February, the automaker managed to ramp that number up to 11,771 units in March, which is a significant jump by any measure. However, that situation improved yet again in April as Ford produced a total of 12,805 2023 Escape models, bringing its year-to-date total up to 28,971.

Meanwhile, the Escape’s platform mate – the Lincoln Corsair – has also seen its production numbers increase over the first few months of the year as well. FoMoCo built just 159 units of the more luxurious model in in March, but that number grew to 2,513 units in April, as Ford Authority reported last week. That brings total production of the Corsair up to 3,038 vehicles year-to-date, which trails its mainstream counterpart by a long shot. Regardless, it is worth noting that production of both crossovers was paused for parts of both February and March.

Demand remains strong, as retail order banks for the 2023 Ford Escape closed back in January, as Ford Authority previously reported. Dealer stock orders are still being accepted, though given previous production issues and ongoing supply constraints, the automaker isn’t guaranteeing that those models will get built, either.

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  1. Kevin

    Nobody wants your frakin escape! Turn efforts to the mavericks. This outside is horrendous

    1. Anonymous

      Speak for yourself. Not everyone wants a boxy little trucklet.

  2. Michael Becerra

    I want an Escape. Ordered my PHEV 6 months ago. Still no build date. Getting a bit frustrated. If I do not hear soon I will have to go to another automaker.

  3. Ed

    I also do not want a bronco – if I wanted a box-on-wheels truck, I’d order one. The Escape is as close to a car as Ford builds today. My Escape PHEV is built – just waiting for shipment to dealer … finally.

  4. Chris

    One note to share with folks who are waiting for a production date on the PHEV. I placed an order in late January – and was waiting and waiting for a build date. The dealer suggested to me that the moonroof might be the sticking point – and that if I was willing to drop that feature – it might move it along. I gave in to that suggestion 5/15 and 3 days later I had a build date.


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