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2023 Ford F-150 Lightning Lineup Receives Revised Pricing

Since its launch, the Ford F-150 Lightning has received multiple rounds of price increases amid strong demand and rising commodities prices, and that trend continued back in late March, when 2023 Ford F-150 Lightning order banks reopened. At that time, prices for the work-oriented Pro, standard range Lariat, and range-topping Platinum models increased yet again, due to “current material costs, market factors, and supply chain constraints.” Most notably, the Pro’s latest price increase meant that it was a whopping 50 percent more expensive than when it launched, in fact. However, as production continues to ramp up, the 2023 Ford F-150 Lightning lineup has received yet another revised round of pricing.

2023 Ford F-150 Lightning Price Changes
2023 Ford F-150 Lightning Price – May 9th, 2023 2023 Ford F-150 Lightning Price – March 30th, 2023 + / – December 15 Price
Pro $59,974 $59,974 $0
XLT $64,474 $63,474 +$1000
XLT High $68,974 $68,974 $0
XLT High Extended Range $78,874 $80,974 $-2100
Lariat $76,974 $75,974 +$1000
Lariat Extended Range $85,974 $85,974 $0
Platinum $97,674 $98,874 $-1200

Once again, these price changes are a bit uneven, with the XLT receiving a $1,000 increase to $64,474, while the Lariat standard range also gets another $1,000 jump to an MSRP of $76,974. However, the XLT High is now $2,100 cheaper with a starting price of $78,874, while the Platinum is also $1,200 less expensive at $97,674. Most notably, the price drop for the XLT High model makes it eligible for the federal tax credit, thanks to the fact that it now falls below the $80k mark.

Ford F-150 Lightning Norway - Exterior 003 - Front Three Quarters

Meanwhile, Ford continues to work to increase F-150 Lightning production by moving 800 workers from the Dearborn Truck plant to the Rouge Electric Vehicle Center while also hiring 300 new employees for the latter plant. Order banks for the 2023 Ford F-150 Lightning just reopened this week, and now, new customers can place an order for the EV pickup without any sort of prior reservation.

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  1. Light Ting

    WOW…under $100k!

  2. PH

    The XLT ER pricing is misleading. If you try to build an XLT with extended range battery, you’re forced to get the non-optional $4000 312A equipment package, which brings the total cost over $80k, making it ineligible for the tax credit.

  3. Richard Young

    They are still way overpriced at this point by over $30k. Just not worth the price. Even the ICE F150a are ridiculously priced now. How can people afford these things

  4. Vince

    All the automotive news articles are talking about how Americans aren’t buying EVs and how most don’t plan to ever buy one. Farley has completely destroyed a once great company. No surprise Ford was ranked the least reliable manufacturer in America.

  5. B F

    welp not getting one anytime soon. wtf are they thinking with these prices?!

  6. Hate Ford

    Reserved one but won’t buy it any time soon. Ridiculous price!!!
    No one in right mind would pay for it.

  7. Will

    I reserved one the day they announced they were opening the reservation line. I’m guessing, based on the reservation number I received, that about 8000 people were in front of me.

    Am I the only one that thinks a class action suit is in order for the time it’s taken to get one (still waiting for production) and in the 2 years that I’ve been waiting, my truck’s trade in value has dropped $20k and the price has gone up on these trucks. Yet, I’m seeing dealers selling these to the general public, leaving me to pay even more as my truck devalues and their prices climb.

    Do I have any recourse other than canceling the order?


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