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2023 Lincoln Corsair Production Appears To Be Back On Track

The refreshed 2023 Lincoln Corsair debuted last fall alongside its platform mate, the Ford Escape, but both immediately faced supply constraints and a software issue that delayed any sort of production ramp up for some time. However, 2023 Escape production got back on track in the month of March, as Ford Authority previously reported, with 11,771 units rolling off the assembly line at the Louisville Assembly plant. That wasn’t the case with the 2023 Lincoln Corsair – as just 159 units of that luxury crossover were built in the same month, but according to the automaker’s April sales report, things have improved significantly since then.

Ford built 2,513 2023 Lincoln Corsair crossovers last month, bringing its year-to-date total to 3,038 units, which is a massive improvement, indeed. In April of last year, The Blue Oval sold 2,855 Corsairs, meaning that production seems to be getting back on track, though it’s worth noting that it still trails the Escape by a significant margin, as the automaker produced 12,805 units of that mainstream model last month.

In any event, this marks a big turnaround for the luxurious crossover after Ford paused both Escape and Corsair production in February after discovering a quality issue that we later learned was software-related, and that shutdown was eventually extended all the way into March. Turns out, the problem was traced back to the instrument cluster, and a re-flash corrected it, allowing The Blue Oval to resume production with no further issues.

Aside from revised exterior styling, the 2023 Lincoln Corsair also received some interior updates with a 13.2 inch infotainment screen running Sync 4, a pair of new design themes, and the addition of the hands-free highway driving assist feature formerly known as ActiveGlide, which is now simply called BlueCruise.

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  1. MJ

    Mediocre vehicle . Decent exterior, not sure I like the supersized grille , ugly IP with those add on screens. Why doesn’t Ford do like Kia and Hyundai and the rest the integrate the touch screen into the instrument cluster . Much cleaner look. Plus the odd looking lower shift keyboard just looks odd. Plus without a regular hybrid , the Ecoboost is terrible with 22 mpg . Ordered one that is due next week, but not taking it . Overpriced and crummy mpg getting an Escape hybrid with the same room, twice the mpg, and 6,000 less

    1. Acey Duecy

      It’s not a bad vehicle. By all accounts, it’s quiet, comfortable, and the interior is better than anything else in the compact luxury SUV class. But the pricing is all wrong. Ford needs to take a page from the Lexus playbook – Lincolns should be a solid 25% less than the competition as they attempt to build a following.

  2. Matthew

    When is the blue screen back up camera issue going to be resolved? My 2020 Corsair has had glitches from day 1. Most recent event I now have no Temp LCD above the bezel because dealer and Ford said sorry it’s a software update and the feature no longer exists. Unbelievable you took away a feature that is on basic economy cars. Not impressed with the quality, reliability and service of the Corsair.


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