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2024 Ford Edge Order Banks Open Up This Month

For some time, the future of the Ford Edge and Lincoln Nautilus were in limbo, with the production of both models set to be replaced by all-electric versions of the Ford Explorer and Lincoln Aviator at the Oakville Assembly plant in 2025. That plant is set to be retooled starting in Q2 of 2024, which aligns with previous reports that Edge and Nautilus production will end early next year. Order banks for the 2023 Edge closed back in March, as Ford Authority previously reported, but now, sources familiar with the matter have told Ford Authority that 2024 Ford Edge order banks are set to open up later this month.

More specifically, 2024 Ford Edge order banks are scheduled to open up on May 15th, and production is currently slated to begin on July 17th, though as always, these dates are subject to change. This will give fans of the crossover at least one more chance to secure their copy of the current-gen model, as an all-new version just debuted in China for that particular market.

At this time, it’s unclear if the Edge will live on in North America, which didn’t always seem to be likely. However, the all-new 2024 Lincoln Nautilus was just revealed for that same market last month, sporting a total redesign inside and out. This could give Edge fans a glimmer of hope that it will follow suit, as the new Nautilus will be built at the Changan Ford Hangzhou Assembly plant in China and is scheduled to launch in North America in early 2024.

As for the Chinese version of the Edge – a model dubbed the Edge L – it was designed to appeal specifically to customers in that market, and is available there as both a five- and seven-seater with a 2.0L turbocharged powerplant, as well as a hybrid version that comes equipped with an eCVT transmission and a coast-to-coast interior screen, just like the 2024 Nautilus.

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  1. Bill Hall

    I will not be buying a Ford car made in China!!
    We have 2 Ford Edges in our family love the cars.
    Also 2 F-150s a Super Duty, a Fusion,a Mustang, and a Bronco. Not all new but drivers.

    1. Davido50

      It never said that! Go bk an reread the ARTICLE. New designed Edge & Nautilus is for China ..& built IN China. US market ’24 Edge /Nautilus built in same excellent Canadian plant for US. Some ppl quick to write w/zero comprehension of what they read.

    2. Klaus

      You are right, I wouln’t do it either. I have a 2022 Edge ST and was sad to hear that producttion would end – but I would NEVER a car from C h i n a! Klaus

  2. lou rahhal

    So is the new Nautilus going to be made here, or only in China?

    1. Davido50

      Made in North America for US Markets! China Edge /Nautilus made in China for Chinese markets. Article was clear. Love my ’22 Edge ST AWD. We will get a ’24 Edge AWD before production ends.

      1. Buy American

        “ the new Nautilus will be built at the Changan Ford Hangzhou Assembly plant in China and is scheduled to launch in North America in early 2024.”

        It does not say it is being built in North America

    2. Davido50

      Made in same plant its always been built in …don’t worry.

  3. The Nautilus will stop production late 2023 at Oakville Assembly and be imported from China. The Edge will continue on at OAC in its current form til it is discontinued March/April 2024.

  4. Joseph F. Maurus, Sr.

    I have a 2023 Edge SEL on order with the dealer since October 2022. I see now the order banks are opening for 2024 with builds beginning in July. When can I expect to receive my new 2023 Edge on order for almost seven months now ?

    1. ST Go Fast

      Similar situation, have a ’23 Edge ST on order from end of January, no movement whatsoever. Assuming it will get rolled into ’24 now.

  5. Tim

    Another electric vehicle I will never buy! Say goodbye to the Oakville plant in a very short time.

    1. The Oakville plant is in no danger of closing for at least a decade. The electrification project doesn’t start running til 2025. Next year retool 6 months. I’m no big fan of electric but it’s being rammed down our throats by our governments so therefore I doubt it will fail. Do you really think these governments who are investing multi billions of dollars into EV will let it fail???

  6. Oakville Assembly has been having constant supply chain issues since 2020. There has been over 50 weeks downtime since 2020. Covid shutdown for two months then this ongoing chip and parts shortages. Oakville is also not the priority plant for parts so if another plant needs for example microchips for a higher selling ford model then that plant gets them. Oakville is in the middle of the sixth week down so far in 2023 with more to come. I hope you get your vehicle sooner than later and your frustration is understandable.

  7. Mr west

    I’m from Detroit home of the Big 3 both the 2024 nautilus and edge will be built in the USA. Imagine how much it would cost to have them shipped from China in 2024 to us dealership. Not going to happen plus Them are american jobs. South park They Terk Er Jerbs

    1. You’re totally wrong. The 2024 Nautilus will be imported from China! 2024 is the last model year of the Edge at Oakville assembly complex in Canada. I haven’t heard anything about the new Chinese Edge being shipped to North America.

  8. David

    I was at dealership Monday and they said Nautilus exclusively Chinese built after Oakville goes down. My 22 Edge ST just received in November after a six month wait. They said no official word on whether Edge will be resourced in China . I guess the ICE Explorer will be my next vehicle if it is still coming in25. China vehicles I won’t purchase and no electric either. This is a glaring error by Ford to cancel the Edge

  9. Evrod Frazier

    I really hope they produce a (remodeled) Ford Edge. The current shape is soooo old fashioned and outdated looking. I think sales would heighten with a remodel.


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