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2024 Ford Mustang Production Impacted By Quality Reviews

After closing out 2022 as the industry’s most recalled manufacturer, Ford has placed a renewed emphasis on quality, a process that began with the hiring of former J.D. Power Vice President Josh Halliburton as its new executive director of quality. Aside from simply focusing on improving quality, Ford is also seeking to identify problems earlier in the build process using some creative methods, and even paused both 2023 Ford Super Duty and 2023 Ford Escape production after it identified certain issues early in the build process. As for how long it will ultimately take to correct these issues, opinions range from months to years, but now, the automaker’s mission to do that is impacting production of the all-new 2024 Ford Mustang as well, according to the Detroit Free Press.

2024 Ford Mustang production was initially cut back at the Flat Rock Assembly plant the week of April 24th, and it was down completely the week of May 1st. According to Ford spokeswoman Kelli Felker, that pause will extend to this week as well. “We are committed to ensuring our vehicles are built with the quality our customers deserve and will take the appropriate actions to deliver this commitment,” Felker said in a statement.

The build-out of the all-new pony car was reportedly finished early last month, but final quality reviews are currently focused on a trio of areas – V8 engine valve issues, body panel fitment, and electrical problems. After identifying these problems, Ford opted to stop production and delay the rollout of the new Mustang by correcting these issues before delving vehicles to customers, much the same way it handled early Super Duty and Escape production.

According to the Free Press, these production pauses and temporary layoffs have frustrated workers at the Flat Rock plant, though the United Auto Workers (UAW) has thus far declined to comment on the matter.

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  1. Samurai

    As much as I hate that we will not see a Mustang soon, I like this approach of Quality over Quantity first. Even if we are not top on the sales charts at the moment, the quality will speak for itself in the long run.

    1. Drew Ford Retiree

      This is a very expensive way to deliver quality. The more efficient way is to install quality methods upstream in the design, supply, and decision making processes.

  2. Shockandawe

    Here we go again, more junk.

  3. Ross

    After a 15 month wait I got my California Special GT Performance 5.0 manual. The quality is well below acceptable. The left hand mirror is see through to the black – not painted well enough to cover up the black plastic. The bonnet struts have been fitted by butchering the plastic battery guard and the base at the allen key bolts is at 45 degrees to being square. So it will require a repaint of the mirror and a new battery cover already booked in.
    It is absurd having a car delivered in Australia with out a jack or wrench, apparently that is a $130 option. At 70klms yes just 70klms I had a nail in my rear tyre ($550 AUD tyres) IF the tyre had gone flat I would have had to use the sealant that requires a new TPMS sensor.
    Fortunately the car was in my garage and the tyre was still inflated. If I drove the car the tyre may have deflated and got damaged while getting to a tyre repair place. (16 miles away) My only solution was to remove the wheel and take it to be repaired. Then I found out that the Mustang had no jack or wrench. I have a few jacks BUT your sockets are SAE not metric so I was stuffed.
    Quality and fir for purpose a Ford problem.

    1. Lealand

      The hood on the export Mustangs get struts???? Also the nuts should be metric (21mm) on the wheels as well as every fastener on the car. I’ve owned every gen Mustang since the fox and the only SAE fasteners on the fox were for the pushrod engine. Afterwards everything went metric. Matter of fact, my SAE wrenches look damn near brand new in my tool box since the metric tools get all the wear.

      1. Ford500guy

        I have a 1997 Lincoln Town Car that was built back when Quity was still JobOne which Ford needs to take a step back and reuse the QUALITY practices they used 26 yo and maybe JUST MAYBE they can still build cars and trucks the way they used to back in the day. Ford needs to get their SCHIT together or sales will suffer even further than they already have…

  4. Bob Dobson

    It just never ends with Ford, my 21 ST has two outstanding recalls and parts have no ETA. One is a software flash to backup camera, no ETA on software. After 6 Explorers this is my last one ….time for an OEM that can make a vehicle in 2023 without it being recalled before it’s delivered.

  5. Lealand

    Man, isn’t Flatrock one of the better production plants? IIRC when Ford rolled out the Exploder they had to ship them to Flatrock due to correct some quality issues. Also sounds like Ford ticked off the lowest bidder box on the Coyote valves which you’d think they knew better after the Bronco fiasco.

  6. Bruce Holberg

    None of these problems showed up over the months of prototype testing? Every day we saw a new prototype on FA and these issues still got to the assembly line. Who was running the prototype program?

  7. Cynthia

    I have always owned a Ford I absolutely love the mustang. I will say the quality of the mustang and mostly talking about the interior is degraded very low quality compared to the 2011 mustang GT premium, convertible that I once owned. I bought a 2022 GT convertible premium, mustang the quality of the seat bottoms in front are so narrow compared to the 2011 the quality of the 2011 definitely outweighs the quality of the 2022 this is a $57,000 vehicle, and every time I open or close my door, there is a rattle somewhere underneath the car. I have not a clue where it is coming from. I regret every day selling my 2011, GT convertible premium. It’s very hard to work and pay for a vehicle so expensive and not have that top quality interior. I hope and pray I have no issues out of this 2022. Ford please bring back the quality of the interior. I do love the surroundsound and the 12 speakers and the boom box in the back.

  8. rPax

    Have been a Ford customer and fan for many years but, due to the quality issues and uninspiring engineering, (Bronco an a exception, but it too has issues as well) I will not be buying a Ford anytime soon, especially for the prices they asking for.


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