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2024 Ford Ranger XLT STX In Iconic Silver: Real World Photos

The all-new, next-generation North American 2024 Ford Ranger just debuted last week, ushering in a new era for the mid-size pickup. All-new inside and out, the new Ranger not only looks different than the outgoing model, but it also features a host of mechanical and aerodynamic tweaks as well. We’re still a few months away from seeing the very first 2024 Ford Ranger pickups hit the road, but in the meantime, Ford Authority has spotted this XLT STX model finished in Iconic Silver out driving around.

It’s unclear what the 2024 Ford Ranger XLT STX will offer in terms of equipment, but the current STX appearance package includes 17-inch black aluminum wheels, dual-zone climate control, privacy glass with rear defrost, SiriusXM, and Sync 3, all for an extra cost of $995.

The next-generation 2024 Ford Ranger distinguishes its trim levels by front end appearance, and in this case, the XLT wears a Boulder Gray accent on the front grille bar and grille surrounds, compared to the black-painted grille bar and molded-in color grille surrounds and mesh present on the base XL.

This particular pickup is also wearing 17-inch Medium Bolder Gray-painted alloy wheels, which match the front end treatment and provide a nice contrast to the truck’s Iconic Silver paint and total absence of chrome or polished trim. Inside the cabin, the 2024 Ford Ranger has received a complete overhaul with an available wireless charging pad, fold-flat rear setbacks, a standard 8-inch digital instrument cluster or optional 12.4-inch unit, a standard 10.1-inch or available 12-inch center infotainment screen, and Sync 4.

Under the hood, the North American 2024 Ford Ranger is available with two powerplants – the carryover turbocharged Ford 2.3L I-4 EcoBoost, which produces 270 horsepower and 310 pound-feet of torque, or the optional twin-turbocharged Ford 2.7L V6 EcoBoost, which generates 315 horsepower and 400 pound-feet of torque. Both are mated exclusively to the Ford 10-speed automatic transmission.

The all-new 2024 Ford Ranger will continue to be built at the Michigan Assembly plant, with order banks for the pickup set to open up on May 26th, with production following on August 7th. The new Ranger starts out at $34,160 – including $1,595 for destination and delivery , though V6-equipped models won’t arrive until the fall.

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  1. JimL

    I bleed Ford blue but…. is it just me or does this design look dated already? Compared to the Colorado/Canyon. And the Taco isn’t even official yet.

    1. JohnFord

      Until you look at the raptor version which I think looks better gm and Toyota

    2. EnzoIsTheEndAll

      It IS a pickup truck.
      Not a Ferrari.
      Nor a TransformerTacoToyo.

    3. Brad Bates

      yes, that’s the first thing i thought too.

  2. Bev1

    I’m skeptical that it’s an XLT STX. STX is a package added on to the base XL trim. Ford has variously offered a sport appearance package to the XLT trim however. That’s likely what this would be closer to. A pre production model so can’t put too much stock in the STX badging. Also the front end looks more like what’s typically seen in FX4 package – apparent skid plate. Not something I’ve seen offered in the STX package. So yeah – this looks like hodgepodge to various trim elements and not a representation of something that will end up in production.

  3. Dan

    No, it’s not just you. 99% of the volume will not be Raptor models, which I agree looks better than the competition. From the typical customer perspective, it has basically the same profile as before. The font end looks like it was retrofitted and doesn’t overly go with the rest of the truck. I’m sure it will all grow on us over time though, like any other refresh. The interior is the departure, which should be welcome by all. Chevy and GMC did a complete redesign, not refresh, both inside and out… very impressive. Frontier was an all out redesign this past year as well. All were very long in the tooth and needed a ground up redesign, which is why the dated Ranger look is somewhat disappointing, at least from the outside. The added V6 is also quite a step forward being competitive as well. Hoping the new Ranger does well!

  4. Tim

    Put that 7 speed manual in it and I’ll buy it

  5. Shockandawe

    What’s with that big dent in the door? The front end is very ugly, oh did I mention they stole gm’s bumper step!

  6. Seagulls

    Be good to see that rear step on the F150 refresh. Ford seems more cautious with the Ranger spec, while adding all the toys on to the F150. Now that the Ranger has a V6, expect many folks will downsize to it from F150.

  7. John

    Sadly the interior is still smaller than the maverick.. I’m not a fan of the front end. That being said they could of just updated the interior and I would of liked it better. Think old design looks better and not as heavy. The design seems forced . Been better had they used the bronco body design. I would of signed up for that

  8. wright

    Won’t even consider until the Ranger breathes the coyote 5.0

  9. Rob

    I’m eager to test drive the 2024 Ranger to check out the new suspension and ride quality which was my only zonk with my 2019 Ranger. As I’m currently driving a 2023 Frontier until the Spring of 2024, I hope Ford brings back the extended cab with the 6 foot bed and the black appearance package. I’m looking to order an XLT with the 2.7 twin turbo. Is this a pipe dream?

  10. Stratoblaster

    Won’t consider it until they add 4WD-Auto transfer case mode (other than just Raptor), like the new GM twins, Bronco, Gladiator, Wrangler all have. Lame to leave that out.


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