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2025 Ford Expedition Spotted For First Time With Big Changes

The 2022 Ford Expedition debuted as a refreshed version of the full-size SUV, bringing about a host of changes including a few exterior styling updates, an optional 15.5-inch display, Sync 4, and the addition of two new variants – the Stealth Edition Performance Package and the off-road-focused Timberline. However, as Ford Authority reported last October, even more changes are expected for the near future, as The Blue Oval works to keep the Ford Expedition current in a hotly contested segment. Now, a few months after coming across a prototype of some sort, Ford Authority has spotted the 2025 Ford Expedition for the very first time.

Rather than a total redo, sources have told Ford Authority that the 2025 Ford Expedition will represent more of a refresh – which follows the refresh from the 2022 model year, rather than a full-blown redesign. That much is clear from these photos, which show a prototype clad in heavy camouflage, albeit one with very familiar overall styling cues that match up quite nicely with the current Expedition.

However, there are a few notable differences we can spot in spite of all of that camo – including a new front clip, and potentially a new hood, which are changes that are quite common with new vehicle refreshes. Moving down the side, we can see that the middle portion of the large SUV is essentially identical to the current model, however, which isn’t a surprise.

That isn’t the case in the rear, where we can clearly see both a new liftgate and taillight design, rounding out some notable changes. Perhaps even more interestingly, it seems as if the rear wiper has been relocated out of sight – potentially underneath the third brake light – which would lend the 2025 Ford Expedition a cleaner look at this end.

As for the interior, it’s covered up on this particular prototype, which signals that it’s also likely in line to receive some styling changes and potentially some new tech. Either way, it seems as if the 2025 Ford Expedition will represent more of an evolution than a revolution, though we’ll certainly have more to share in the coming months.

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  1. 1970Mav

    How did you miss the biggest change, the paint job ??? Instead of black and white, I bet it would look great in black and grabber blue.

  2. Tim S

    Hope that they can trim the bloat. The current one is really ugly…

    1. Kevin


    2. MichaelD

      I like my new 2023 think it looks good, runs great and, comfy. Picked it over a Suburban.
      Was a long time GM buyer.

  3. John

    Looks like they finally hid the rear wiper 🤔

  4. Larry

    I have an 08 Expedition currently with almost 300,000mi on it. It’s the EL edition, hopefully they create more trunk space with the EL on the ’25 instead of going less cu. In. with the 22-23 versions. If Ford can make more cu. In. Space in the EL trunk I may consider upgrading for the first time since buying a brand new car in 2008 when I bought my 2008 for focus se.

    Thanks Ford for making great vehicles and will always be a “Ford Brat”

  5. Jo

    I have a 2022 Lincoln Nautilus and love it but I understand the new Nautilus and Ford Edge will be made in China. I am upset about this change and will never buy another Ford vehicle!

    1. JT

      Get over it. These automakers are World companies. Your house is full of products not made in America. Ford is the largest employer of hourly employees in America! The largest Family owned company in America! The most American vehicle by parts is the F150. Etc….

      1. Bill Boyd

        You are right. These auto makers are World Companies, for example all Volvos are made in China, my 2016 Expedition Limited Max weighs 6000 lbs, my wife’s Volvo XC90 weighs in at 6600 lbs, it’s a lil tank size/weight category compared to my Expedition!!! It’s no wonder how they get massive safety rating, they are pure steel (bought from American companies)!!!

  6. Matt

    Come on still too squared, really hoping that changes for update. I’m Ford all the way but the competition has nice lines and breaks up the body. Ford’s interior is still best in class and has CarPlay.

  7. Tom

    So the refresh is coming in 2025 model year now, not 2024?

  8. Kelly

    Ford needs to give more engine options for the expedition like the 7.3l godzilla.

  9. JUDE

    Still with my 2001 Ford Expedition in Africa. Would not trade it in for any car, even if I ngo for this new model.
    Ford all the way!!

  10. Tammy

    We purchased 20 years ago, Eddie Bauer Expedition. Today almost 328K – unfortunately the timing chain is going and in search of new. Would love if we could get the 5.0L/V8 that is available in the F150 – mechanic said the Ecoboost Gen2 is better than original, but still not a fan. As Kelly stated above, need more engine options. We are not a GM family, so lots to thinks about on purchasing 2024 or wait for 2025 – but then, how much more will a Limited price tag go up! We are young ‘seniors’ and could go down in size, but for 20 years love the tank feel when traveling the fast paced interstates – the cargo space is wonderful too.


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