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2025 Ford Expedition Spotted With 24-Inch Wheels: Photos

After spotting a refreshed 2025 Ford Expedition prototype for the first time a couple of weeks ago, Ford Authority has since come across an Expedition Timberline prototype as well, previewing the next iteration of the rugged off-road-focused variant sporting some familiar features such as a higher ride height and a wheel design that’s similar to the current model. However, that prototype was wearing a set of General Grabber tires, rather than the Goodyear Wrangler Territory rubber that comes on the current Expedition Timberline. Just last week, Ford Authority reported that the full-size SUV will also add a set of 24-inch wheels to the lineup at some point in the near future, and now, we’ve spotted a 2025 Ford Expedition prototype wearing precisely that.

This Expedition prototype appears to be either a Limited or Platinum-trimmed model, but the rather large wheels it’s equipped with are completely new – the current Expedition doesn’t offer anything like it. The large black wheels are also wrapped with a set of Goodyear Eagle Touring tires measuring a substantial 285/40R24.

Adding a larger wheel option to the Expedition makes sense given the fact that for the 2024 model year, General Motors will also offer 24-inch wheels on its refreshed full-size SUV lineup – including the Chevy Tahoe and Suburban, GMC Yukon, and Cadillac Escalade – as well as the forthcoming Silverado EV. Currently, the largest wheel one can get on the Ford Expedition measures 22 inches in diamter, a size that’s standard on the King Ranch and optional on the Platinum and Limited trims.

Aside from these new wheels, the 2025 Ford Expedition figures to remain largely unchanged on the outside after receiving a refresh for the 2022 model year, aside from a new front clip, possibly a new hood, a new liftgate and taillight design, and a rear wiper that’s been relocated out of sight – potentially underneath the third brake light.

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  1. steve

    The ride quality will be reduced. my friend has an Escalade with 22’s, it rides like crap compare to the 20’s on our Yukon. no side wall to take the bumps in the road. I wish they would do a full make over on the expedition , its lame looking very dated.

    1. Fergus County

      I have no argument with any of that.
      My 2011 F150 rides on 20” wheels, but the sidewall is high and tight, and I swear it’s all a better ride than my grandparents’ 1978 Lincoln Continental luxobarge (I really loved that car, and lost both virginities in it).
      Also: I like the huge center display in the new Expedition, but yeah, something new, with clean, tight lines would be nice. Ford, you just go ahead and get all the inspiration you need from the new Range Rover interior: you have my blessing.

      1. Deirdra

        We could really careless about your virginity! It’s a vehicle blog

        1. Clem Noogah



    It’s time the Expedition needs a total makeover. Ford’s competitors are way ahead with new looks. But wait, Mr Farley is waiting to launch the new stuff in China and the future EVs here

  3. Motorpsychology

    Let’s just go to 535/05V33 and get it over with. The 24’s will move the metal off the showfloor, but then the customer complains of road noise at 25,000 mi, and harsh ride, because the wheel is only two inches off the pavement with virtually no tire flex.

    1. The Retired Viking

      This is not to mention that hitting a rod seam where the next section has risen 3/4 inch due to heat or freeze-heaving, and the $four-figure rim is dented.

      I had 22s on a Tahoe, and it was so bad I could just about feel it when I ran over a cigarette butt.

  4. cj

    it will ride like a old radio flyer wagan…with that much rim….what they need to do is put more tire sidewall on the rim….and not less….not to mention the ugly brake dust rims…

  5. Robo

    Pretty soon we will all be driving around in Donks!

  6. Deirdra

    Lots of hate in the comments. I drive a 23 Expedition with 22 inch rims. I also live in Alaska (harsh conditions) I’d like to also mention this is my 3rd Expedition. My 1st being a 2002, 2nd a 2014 and currently my 2023. Its rides like a dream. I also went to school to be a automotive technician. So for all the hate maybe do some research. You obviously are making comments you cannot justify.

  7. c

    These wheels will be very popular. Expect to see them on lesser trims too.

  8. Stratton

    We put 24’s (Dub Clout Chrome) on our ’20 Expy and it looks incredible. Drives better imo (less body roll, more stability), but mpg’s took a hit. Well worth it cuz wow it’s stunnnnnning. Fits just right 22’s looked too small!


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