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5.0L V8 Swapped 1984 Ford Ranger XLT Up For Auction

We’ve certainly seen our fair share of Ford Ranger pickups hit the auction block in recent months, many of them in excellent condition with few miles on the clock. However, there are still plenty of modified examples out there for the taking, though few of them can possibly measure up to this wild 1984 Ford Ranger XLT that’s currently up for auction at Bring a Trailer. In fact, it almost looks like some sort of unofficial Bigfoot tribute, which makes it even cooler in our book.

5.0L V8 Swapped 1984 Ford Ranger XLT - Interior 001

There certainly isn’t much about this 1984 Ford Ranger that hasn’t been modified in some way, shape, or form, starting with the repainted body, which is complemented by a boatload of chrome. There’s a lot to take in here, from the fender flares to the side steps, tow hooks, hood scoop, bed-mounted bar, and KC Daylighter lights, all of which give the compact pickup a much more imposing presence.

5.0L V8 Swapped 1984 Ford Ranger XLT - Engine Bay 001

That’s further aided by the fact that this Ranger is riding on a heavily modified suspension with a remote-controlled hydraulic rear steering system, Rough Country shocks, front coil springs, limit straps, rear bump stops, Strange Engineering front and rear axles, and L&L Products traction bars. The small hauler sits up extra high, rolling on a set of massive 44×19.5-inch Super Swamper TSL Bogger tires, which are wrapped around a set of 15-inch alloy wheels.

5.0L V8 Swapped 1984 Ford Ranger XLT - Exterior 002 - Rear Three Quarters

While the interior has also been modified with the addition of a roll bar and various other goodies, the real news here is what powers this ultra-tall 1984 Ford Ranger – a Ford 5.0L V8 that’s been upgraded with headers, an Edelbrock four-barrel carburetor, and a few other bits and pieces, sending power to the wheels via a C4 three-speed automatic transmission. Overall, it’s an incredibly cool, retro-themed build, and one that we’d love to take out for a spin.

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