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All 2024 Ford Motor Company Vehicles Will Have AM Radio

The Blue Oval stirred up a proverbial hornet’s nest recently when the automaker decided to ditch AM radio functionality in the 2023 Ford F-150 Lightning and 2024 Ford Mustang, and later announced that it would be following suit in most all of its models, save for commercial vehicles – in both the U.S. and Canada. This move not only drew the ire of customers that still use and enjoy AM radio, but also a host of lawmakers concerned that its removal might impact emergency broadcast situations, prompting some to introduce a bill requiring automakers to retain this functionality. Now, it appears that this pushback has worked, as Ford CEO Jim Farley just announced that the automaker will be retaining AM radio in its vehicles after all.

“After speaking with policy leaders about the importance of AM broadcast radio as a part of the emergency alert system, we’ve decided to include it on all 2024 Ford and Lincoln vehicles,” Farley announced on Twitter. “For any owners of Ford EVs without AM broadcast capability, we’ll offer a software update. Customers can currently listen to AM radio content in a variety of ways in our vehicles – including via streaming – and we will continue to innovate to deliver even better in-vehicle entertainment and emergency notification options in the future. Thanks to our product development and manufacturing teams for their quick response to make this change for our customers.”

For now, this announcement only impacts 2024 model year FoMoCo vehicles, and it seems as if Farley is leaving the door open for the possibility that the automaker might still ultimately choose to ditch AM at some point in the future. Regardless, this news should come as a welcome surprise for many.

Ford Rouge Electric Vehicle Center F-150 Lightning Production Process - Exterior 002 - Rear Three Quarters

Ford has previously argued that AM radio – or amplitude modulation, as it’s otherwise defined – is no longer needed thanks to the fact that users can still listen to AM music, news, and podcasts via internet streaming through mobile apps, FM, digital, and satellite radio options, but critics worry that its removal could pose a significant communication problem during emergencies, which prompted this pushback in the first place.

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  1. John

    Good $5 for an AM radio isn’t gonna bankrupt you

    1. Roger Oakes

      But why drop it in the first place? The only statement from Ford in this article says that AM radio is “not needed.” I can argue with the truthfulness of that statement but I am honestly asking what the F (not Ford) is their motivation for removing it from ANY CAR? Is there a cost savings of any size by supplying FM only radios?? I doubt that it is of any appreciable size, first off. By sheer reasoning, “not needed” should not drive such a decision by management, but CUSTOMERS deciding it is NOT NEEDED!! Please tell me that FORD management received many letters or messages complaining about their vehicles having AM radios in their vehicles!! Ford MUST NEVER IGNORE their customers!! Even after management decided to eliminate the AM Radio, did they ACTUALLY ASK their customers if they wanted their AM radios removed from their brand new vehicles?? I am SURE THEY DID NOT!! I would RATHER their AIRBAGS be removed from my vehicle than the AM RADIO!! I know persons who have been KILLED by Airbags but NEVER a single person harmed by an AM RADIO!! Then removing the many airbags from current vehicles would save a LOT LOT LOT of money but could still meet the original US Government mandate in 1990 for passive restraint systems!! I will use my own 1990 Ford Escort LX 2 dr Hatch as proof of this. I love my automatic seatbelt system, albeit with the modest adjustment difficulty for various riders and passengers in either of the front bucket seats. This MEGATREND of increased automation and one size fits all THINKING Kills people!! Just ask Boeing how many persons were killed by its flawed software assumptions on its 737 MAXX !!

  2. James

    I wish they would bring back CD players. Lots of people like to listen to CD’s in their vehicles.

    1. David

      I would like a CD player as well! Don’t forget that many local sports and talk shows are on AM. I heard the news on a business network on TV and a large-market AM station with clear channel in NYC had lobbied directly to Ford. At night these stations travel hundreds of miles so Thanks and now please continue the Edge for the new model changeover like Nautilus.

    2. FLP

      Me too!

    3. Anonymous

      A $50 rechargeable, portable CD Player with a built-in FM transmitter solves that problem for the times you want to listen to CDs.

  3. Mick1

    Go Woke Go Broke. With that same reasoning remove FM, Sirius whatever and just stream it through your cell phone. Bud Light, Target, Ford have “learned” but will they recover?

  4. John

    Have a CD player as well for the people who have lots of CDs


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