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All Current Ford EV Owners Will Get Tesla NACS Adapter

As Ford Authority reported yesterday, during a conversation with Tesla/Twitter CEO Elon Musk, Ford CEO Jim Farley revealed that The Blue Oval has signed a deal with Tesla that will grant current and future Ford EV owners access to that company’s massive Supercharger network. This is already possible via a “Magic Dock” adapter present on select Supercharger station chargers, but now, Tesla will develop an adapter using the Combined Charging System (CCS) standard to interface with its V3 Superchargers. Now, during an interview with CNBC, Farley also revealed that all existing Ford EV owners will receive NACS (North American Charging Standard) adapters, too.

“We’re going to ship an adapter to everyone who’s bought a Ford EV,” Farley said. “This is not just for the future, it’s for all the people who already bought our vehicles. So they’ll get an adapter from Ford, they go on FordPass, they pick the payment option they want, all the billing is the same as it is today, so it’s going to be super easy.”

This is big news for Ford EV owners, given the fact that the Tesla Supercharger network is currently the largest of its kind, giving them more than 12,000 additional U.S.-based chargers to choose from when embarking on road trips, plus the existing 10,000 charger BlueOval Charging Network. It will also provide a more seamless experience, since users will be able to pay via the FordPass app rather than having to download the Tesla app to accomplish that task.

As Ford Authority previously reported, second-generation Ford EV models will come equipped with NACS ports from the factory, meaning that no adapter will be required to charge them at a Supercharger, though it’s unclear if those same future vehicles will also come equipped with CCS ports or not. In any event, the next-generation of Ford EVs are expected to begin launching in 2025.

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  1. Jim

    Free for existing owners? If not, how much?

  2. John

    Will plug-in hybrid owners get a free adapter? I own a 2019 Ford Energi.

    1. Jason

      LOL hybrids don’t DC fast charge and can’t use Level 3 charging such as the Tesla superchargers.

  3. Jim

    I already own a Tesla level 2 charger and a level 2 adapter for my Lightning. I assume the new adaptors will be level 3 capable?

  4. Jim

    Also will the adapter add some length via a cable to reach the Tesla Superchargers? Some of those Tesla Superchargers cable are very short, will not reach my Lightning without parking sideways!


    Kudos to Ford for adopting the NACS! I currently loathe road trips in my Mach E because of the sorry state of non-Tesla chargers. This will greatly enhance the charging experience for Ford EV owners and be a selling point for prospective customers.

  6. Robert

    Will the new adapters allow DC fast charging via Tesla Superchargers?

  7. John Raines

    I cannot find out how to get the Tesla charging adapter. Ford Pass does not mention how to purchase.

    1. Joathan Buddd

      It won’t be available until 2024.

  8. Timmy M

    Still haven’t heard any news about getting Tesla adapters. This article came out in May and now it’s Sept. I talked to my dealer and they could not confirm or deny that we are getting adapters.
    Personally I’m tired of Tesla owners using the few ChargePoint, EA, EVgo charging stations while the Tesla stations are idle right next to them. CP, EA and EVgo must be cheaper than Tesla chargers I guess.

  9. James Myers

    As an owner of a new ’23 Mach E GT, I could use the adapter now while traveling. When will Ford start shipping those out?

    1. Joathan Buddd

      2024. I expect early spring likely


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