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Another Ford Supplier Facing Strike After Negotiations Fail

The Blue Oval relies on an expansive supplier network to ensure it has all the necessary parts for its vehicles. Like its own manufacturing facilities, some suppliers employ workers that belong to the UAW, and those members rely on negotiated contracts for certain guarantees and protections. Unfortunately, there are times when contract negotiations fail, resulting in a strike. As Ford Authority recently detailed, workers for Ford supplier Clarios are currently engaged in a strike at the company’s Holland, Ohio plant. Now, UAW workers for Constellium Automotive have walked out of the Van Buren, Michigan plant after talks between the union and the company failed, per Automotive News.

The plant in question makes aluminum structures and crash management systems for the Ford F-150 and F-150 Lightning, Ford Explorer, and Ford Super Duty, which are utilized by six assembly plants. Workers officially launched the strike on May 17th, and are picketing due to concerns over health and safety issues at the plant, in addition to what the union says are unfair disciplinary judgements from management. “Our negotiating team has met with the company nine times since April 18th,” UAW Region 1A Director Laura Dickerson said. “And on every single occasion, Constellium has made it very clear they have zero interest in taking our members’ proposals seriously. This is a prime example of employer arrogance forcing the hand of its workforce.” In addition to the strike, the UAW filed unfair labor practices charges against the Ford supplier related to the bargaining process.

“We do not anticipate any disruption to our production and will work closely with our customers to ensure continuity of operations. Negotiations are resuming this week and our goal is to reach a mutually beneficial agreement,” a company spokesperson told Automotive News.

While this is now the second Ford supplier to be dealing with a strike, Ford has yet to say if vehicle production will be impacted by the plant closures. Ford itself may face a strike of its own when it enters in contract talks with the UAW, as Shawn Fain, the newly elected president, campaigned on being tougher on automakers and has promised to launch organizing campaigns for The Blue Oval’s upcoming EV joint venture facilities. Ford employs more UAW workers in the United States than any other automaker.

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