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Court Sides With Ford Supplier Clarios Over Strike Tactics

As Ford Authority reported last week, FoMoCo supplier Clarios – which makes low-voltage batteries – is currently dealing with a strike at its plant in Holland, Ohio, which could potentially have an impact on Ford’s own vehicle production. The strike began after 400 workers – who are members of UAW Local 12 – voted down a contract proposal following weeks of negotiations, with the major sticking point being a proposed change to overtime pay. Clarios then filed a court injunction against the striking workers, claiming that an excessive number of pickets at the entrance to its plant were preventing vehicles from entering and exiting the facility. Now, the courts have sided with the company in that regard, according to Automotive News.

The Lucas County Court of Common Pleas has issued a restraining order that aims to restrict picketing at the entrance to the Clarios plant after the company provided evidence showing that some striking workers were disrupting business activities and engaging in unsafe activities such as laying down on the pavement in front of the plant.

The restraining order prevents striking workers from gathering in groups of more than five within 100 feet of any entrance to the plant, and pickets are not allowed on Clarios property or within five feet of any vehicles that are entering or exiting the facility. Additionally, those pickets must remain upright and cannot obstruct the entrances to the Holland plant. Meanwhile, the UAW bargaining committee is scheduled to meet with company officials again this week to try and hammer out a new deal.

“We’re still optimistic that we can reach an agreement,” a Clarios spokesperson said. “However, while the dispute is ongoing it is critically important that everyone maintain professionalism both on-site and on the picket line – even more so given the emotions which are always in play in any labor dispute. For that reason, we are grateful the court took the action it did for the company, our employees and the community.”

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  1. Robert T Arthur

    Find another vendor. You have enough problems trying to get parts here from overseas. No reason to put with this with a domestic vendor.

    1. Paula

      That’s right …don’t fix the underlying problem, just put another band aid on it and make it go away. If not willing to work and fix the problem, then industry standards and conditions will continue to deteriorate to the point of everybody scraping by just surviving and never getting ahead.

  2. wright

    Makes the UAW members look like fools.

  3. Paula

    Why? because they want better work conditions, better than a 50 cent pay increase, & not have to work for straight pay no matter how long the day? Trust me $16.80/hr base pay isn’t anything to laugh/boast about. All the while their CEO make 5.5 million? Yeah that makes them look like fools. Real ignorant statement there Wright, real ignorant!


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