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Final Assembly For Fiberglass Ford Bronco Hardtop Has Begun

Back in January of 2022, Advanced Fiberglass Concepts (ADV) announced that it would be making and selling fiberglass hardtops for the sixth-generation Ford Bronco, news that was undoubtedly intriguing for those that weren’t able to purchase their SUV with that elusive part to begin with. Just a few weeks later, the company announced pricing for this particular offering, but since then, we’ve been anxiously awaiting the start of production. Now, shortly after unveiling new, wider fenders for the Ford Bronco Raptor, ADV has revealed that its fiberglass Ford Bronco hardtop has entered the final assembly stage.

Ford Bronco Advanced Fiberglass Concepts Hardtop - Exterior 002 - Rear Three Quarters

ADV admits that this process has been quite tedious, which makes sense given the complexity of producing an entire replacement hardtop for a new vehicle from scratch. Regardless, it promises that those who have pre-ordered one of these tops will be receiving communications soon regarding when those tops are ready to be picked up or shipped.

ADV’s Ford Bronco hardtops are available in either single piece or modular configurations, with one of three different finishes – black UV textured, white UV textured, or high build primer. Customers have a few options to choose from as well, including an available wiper washer assembly, sound deadening, or both as a more comprehensive package.

These aftermarket tops come complete with hinges, rear struts, mounting hardware, a plug-and-play defroster, and all the necessary glass, and fit all four-door 2021-2023 Bronco models. ADV notes that its top features superior fit and finish, though there is just one big caveat – such a fine piece isn’t exactly cheap, as this top retails for $5,250 for the one-piece and $5,750 for the modular top, and adding the wiper washer and sound deadening tacks on another $1,000 to that total.

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  1. William

    Amazing that an aftermarket company can create, build and make a hardtop before Ford can sell a single mod top!

  2. lou R

    How embarrassing!! Ford should be ashamed. $50,000 + SUV, and they can’t even make a good roof for it!! Besides the fact that you can’t tow more than 3500 lbs with it. 1996 Eddie Bauer with 351..,those were the days

  3. Gary Lengel

    $7k???? Really????? It was a $700 option. Ford should be ashamed of themselves. I was “forced” into a softop or otherwise I wouldn’t see my bronco for 6-12 longer! Now I have a crappy soft top that leaks and there’s no fix. Love the bronco. Wish Genisis made it!!!

  4. rapturd


  5. Nathaniel lee

    I agree with Gary %100. 5/9/23
    Ford is a liar.. ford handshake is no good deed. Smdh.

  6. Bruce h

    Super tragic situation! I had to wait 14months for my 2021 badlands. I changed the hardtop to soft just to get the rig! Overall, I love it except for softtop quality isn’t great and gas mpg of 16.8 avg with the 2.3L is super sad.
    I’d like a quality modular hardtop and I fully appreciate the awesome engineering that went into this non OEM build, BUT, the price is just silly. Needs to hit the $1,200-$2,000 sweet spot in my view!
    Well, as we round the corner in Michigan from crap winter to spring/summer, the non ideal soft top will be down and fully enjoyed!

    1. Mark

      $1200 – $200 for a hard top? Your delusional, you have to pay for quality and these tops aren’t made in China.

      1. Crazy Ma Hawker

        I agree 100% with you, Mark. Everyone wants to get paid $50/hr to put a nut on a bolt. But they don’t want to pay more than $20 for a toaster! Go figure.

  7. Keith Mixon

    I ordered my 2021 with the hard/soft top option. Problems with the supplier. Changed to hardtop. Problems with supplier quality. Changed to soft top – I did what I had to do to get my Bronco. Absolutely love this truck and I’m living with my decision. Have my Bimini top and cargo cover. Next is tube doors and it will be that config into fall. Ford made the right decision to push the hardtop to the aftermarket. Supply chain is problematic. At least it looks to be made in the USA. Price will come down, it always does. Ride on and enjoy!

  8. Mechanical Master

    Ford should be totally ashamed ! Option like $700, Buy a complete assembly for like $6K to $7K is profiteering off your loyal customer base who took soft-tops to get a 2021 Bronco (& Help Ford out during COVID), spending $65K a Bronco Badlands, loaded. This type of marketing is something mfg losers do. Henry is rolling over in his Grave!


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