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Ford 3.3L V6 Duratec Crate Engine Appears Online

In recent years, Ford has added a few choices to its lineup of crate engines, a list that includes the Ford 7.3L V8 Godzilla in both crate form and as a complete engine powertrain package, which is also true of the Ford 5.0L V8 Coyote, which includes the engine and transmission, while the most recent addition to the Ford Performance catalog is a more powerful version of the Godzilla dubbed Megazilla. While it has no plans to add any more EcoBoost crate engines to its catalog, FoMoCo did just give us a bit of a surprise by giving us the option to purchase a brand new Ford 3.3L V6 Duratec crate engine, however.

Sold in the Ford Performance catalog under part number M-6007-33V6NA, the naturally-aspirated Ford 3.3L V6 Duratec crate engine is listed as the same unit that powers the Police Interceptor Utility. This is an important distinction because this same engine also serves as the base powerplant for the Ford F-150 at the moment.

The 3.3L V6 Duratec crate engine is rated to produce 290 horsepower and 265 pound-feet of torque, with a 90.41 mm bore and 86.7 mm stroke, along with features such as 12:1 compression and dual overhead cams with variable valve timing. Weighing in at 355 pounds, this particular engine is configured for both front- and rear-wheel drive applications, so it should be suitable not only as an OEM replacement, but perhaps for other builds as well.

The 3.3L crate engine comes with an alternator, but for those seeking to install it in other kinds of vehicles, Ford does note that it can provide control pack information on request. It’s unclear if a large number of people will seek out this engine for future builds, but for those interested in purchasing one, the crate 3.3 is available now with a retail price of $8,750.

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  1. Popupadsmakethesitedifficulttouse

    I’ve got two Ford drivetrains right now that need a home, both cars unfortunately damaged beyond repair, although
    they still run and drive under their own power (1997 Duratec 3.0L/AX4N and a 1995 4.6L OHC in a Cougar).

    I was thinking of dropping the Duratec/AX4N combo in an earlier Taurus, perhaps in place of the awful 3.8L.

    I’d love to swap the Cougar’s drivetrain into another MN12.

    The beauty of having them in running/driving cars is that everything I need to make it run (computer, sensors, etc) is right there. Of course they’re will be custom fabrication if putting them in something they never came in, but at least the entire drivetrain is complete in both cars.

  2. CW

    hope the water pump is outside the engine…

  3. Charles Taylor

    Ford has not been good about supplying all the electrical systems for repower of an old vehicle like a 1955 F100 Ford truck. The transmission shift controls, engine fuel injection, anti theft systems require all the harness to make THE ENGINE OPERATIONAL IN AN OLD VEHICLE. A System should be developed and offered with the engine simplifying installation and possibly bypassing some of the features. I would love to remove the old Chevrolet engine and repower with 7.3 l Godzilla or 5.0l Coyote including the electronic controlled automatic transmissions but Ford does not offer a one stop shop for all the pieces. When I order the engine and all the parts required, I still do not know if will have a running vehicle.

  4. Gabe

    Who is buying a $9k duratech crate engine??? Are there really that many people looking to restore 1994 sables? Who also wouldn’t want a more modern, or powerful, or cheaper engine?


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