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Ford Bronco Sport Taken Out By Toyota Tundra: Video

These days, even those of us that tend to pay close attention to our surroundings have experienced some sort of pucker-up moment out on the roads, and in many cases, that had led to an actual collision. Blame distracted driving or any number of illicit substances for that trend, but regardless, it’s alarming by any measure. That’s precisely the case in this video from Crash Dashes, too – the driver of this Ford Bronco Sport didn’t really expect to have a Toyota Tundra pull and and smash directly into it, and yet, that’s precisely what happened here.

Toyota Tundra Crashes Into Ford Bronco Sport - Exterior 001 - Rear Three Quarters

The Ford Bronco Sport was traveling down the highway in the right lane in what appears to be a construction zone when the Tundra – which has seemingly pulled over to the side of the road past the cones – suddenly pulls out and smashes into the side of the crossover. It’s unclear if the Tundra is part of the road crew, as there are some other vehicles also parked behind the cones, or if the driver was simply pulled over for another reason.

It’s also unclear how the Tundra driver failed to see the Ford Bronco Sport, though it’s possible the small crossover was in his blind spot. However, as there was at least one other vehicle behind it – the one filming this crash – pulling out in front of it seems like a bad idea, too, so we can’t really give the Tundra driver any credit here.

Regardless, this is yet another example of the many crashes we continue to see via social media on a daily basis, most of which are quite avoidable. Typically, these kinds of collisions occur when drivers simply aren’t paying attention to their surroundings, which is a pretty simple thing to do, after all.

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  1. VideoAdsAreIntrusive

    Typical f’n Toyota driver mentality, especially the emasculated fool who wastes money on a poser tundra

  2. ICanReadSigns

    The Toyota wasn’t pulled over to the side of the road. As indicated by the sign that is clearly visible in the video, the line of vehicles was merging in to the lane containing the Bronco Sport. Why the Toyota driver merged directly IN TO the Bronco Sport I have no idea…

  3. Jim

    Sucks for the Bronco Sport driver but at least the Tundra driver can try again and hopefully purcgase an actual truck this time.


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