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Ford Bronco Work, Premium Variants Are On The Way

As Ford Authority reported back in April, The Blue Oval plans to expand its Ford Bronco lineup with a variety of new variants in future years, which isn’t a huge surprise given the fact that the rugged SUV has been a smash success since its launch. At that time, it was unclear what, exactly, we could expect from these new Ford Bronco variants, but while speaking during the automaker’s 2023 Capital Markets Day presentation today, Kumar Galhotra, president of Ford Blue, shed some light on that particular subject.

Future Bronco Derivatives Teaser Ford 2023 Capital Markets Day

In addition to the existing Bronco Raptor, Everglades, and Heritage, a trio of future Ford Bronco derivatives were unveiled during Galhotra’s presentation – “Work,” Premium,” and “Heritage +” models. Though no addition details were given, we can presume that the Work variant will be some sort of fleet or commercial-focused model, while the Premium is most likely a luxury trim of some kind. As for the Heritage +, it could offer even more retro goodies compared to the regular Heritage and Heritage Limited as well.

This strategy makes quite a bit of sense given the fact that derivatives have proven to be a solid profit generator for The Blue Oval, with vehicles like the Ford Explorer ST attracting customers who want something a bit more than a standard offering provides. As Ford Authority reported back in August 2021, the Bronco team wasn’t ruling out a more upscale version of the rugged SUV at that time, which could perhaps better compete with vehicles like the Land Rover Defender.

As for what else the 2024 model year holds for the Ford Bronco, the SUV was also previously expected to receive a refresh of some sort, though it’s unclear if that’s still the case. Regardless, it is quite clear that FoMoCo plans to keep rolling out new variants in an effort to keep consumer’s interest piqued.

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  1. Samurai

    That’s great, but there’s 2 problems with this.

    1. Will we get a V8 Bronco Variant(Please Ford just give us what we want)


    1. John

      The Bronco could be so amazing with a V8 option!

  2. G O PEE

    1. Dont hold your breath

  3. c

    My guess? Heritage + will be an extreme rock crawling variant, Premium will be a closed top G-wagon type deal (possibly a Lincoln?), and work will be a stripped Bronco with a drop down bed. Wishful thinking on the last one though.

    1. John

      Hope you’re right on the last one!

  4. John

    “Work” sounds interesting. A new take on the base model?

  5. C

    The company can’t deliver on the variants that were available at launch….still.
    How exactly does offering more variety solve the problem? The hole just gets deeper.

  6. TB 500

    I would very much like to see a “sub-base” Work offering to the public. Or even possibly a more fuel efficient, rear gear offering for those who don’t want a rock crawler or off-roader but more of a everyday, utility vehicle, to run around in. A premium hardtop would be welcomed too! But, the Big Bend I attempted to buy 3 years ago was $38k and now it’s $45k. Ford will need to fix the quality before I go higher, even in a base model! I’m sure they will continue to learn and improve the vehicle like they have developed the Mustang over the years, but they need to keep a desirable, sub $40k model that not only is fun to drive but represents a value to own.

  7. DannoD

    Let me guess…Starting at 70k?…80k?
    Initial popularity not withstanding, the overpricing of the new Bronco is disappointing. The value is just not there.


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