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Ford EcoBoost Engines Should Get 5K Mile Oil Changes: Video

YouTuber Brian Makuloco of the Ford Tech Makuloco channel has made many videos outlining a number of known issues and important maintenance tips revolving around the Ford EcoBoost family of engines, including more than one addressing carbon deposits and how to clean them up, coolant intrusion issues, smoking engines, rattling noises, and coolant leaks, to name just a few. Now, Makuloco is back with yet another Ford EcoBoost themed video, this time showing us why it’s so important to stick to a regular oil change schedule.

Ford 3.5L V6 EcoBoost Failure Infrequent Oil Changes

As Makuloco notes right off the bat, many of the problematic vehicles that roll into his shop only have issues because of a lack of proper maintenance, and that includes the twin-turbocharged Ford 3.5L V6 EcoBoost engine that’s there right now. This particular Ford EcoBoost powerplant has a healthy 224,000 miles on it, but as our resident tech points out, these engines are good for 300k or more if maintained properly.

Ford 3.5L V6 EcoBoost Failure Infrequent Oil Changes

Unfortunately, this one didn’t make it that far because the turbochargers failed, and the blame for that can be placed squarely on the fact that the owner was relying on the vehicle’s oil change reminder rather than sticking to a 5k oil change interval. As Makuloco notes, this is critical as these engines experience a lot of blow-by, as well as wear to the various components utilized by the EcoBoost family.

EcoBoost engines are quite demanding on oil in general, which is precisely why they came out with the SN+ SP oil spec to support them. By changing the oil frequently, it helps prevent soot from circulating around inside the engines and causing issues. After removing the valve covers on this particular engine, that information becomes crystal clear, as this powerplant’s oil feed screens are completely clogged up, which unfortunately means that they’ll be springing for a complete replacement in this instance – a costly lesson, indeed.

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  1. N

    I do my oil changes on my Ecoboost engines at 3-4k.

    1. Jimmy Trammell

      I have a 2013 F-150 3.5 eco boost change oil ever 3500 miles my truck has 300 thousand miles on it I had to put a air pump on it and water pump that’s all then you got normal ware tires brakes drive it ever day

  2. Francois

    Use full synthetic oil every time / drive ’em right meaning you have to give it enough go pedal to get substantial boost and revs on a regular basis. Substantial boost necessary to keep the waste gates lubed and functional / enough revs to blow-off the carbon deposits…

  3. Patrick Ford

    Sounds pretty much like the same advice my dad gave me 52 years ago when I first got my driver’s license. “If you don’t do anything else, change the oil at regular intervals and you car will last a good long time.” Back in those days, the “regular intervals” were about 3,000 miles. Today, I change the oil in my EcoBoost Explorer every 4000-5000 miles. Its the cheapest insurance someone can buy.

    1. Darrel Silveira

      The lubricants your father had at his disposal don’t compare to a top tier synthetic in any way shape or form. The advice he gave you WAS spot on for back then though. I have an 04 dodge with the Cummins 5.9 turbo diesel. It has 180k ,I just did a valve adjustment, which requires the valve cover to be removed. The internals visible were pristine, and the valves were ALL within specs.
      Did I mention that it’s only had 2 oil changes since I got it with 16k miles? AMSOIL 5w-30 diesel engine oil since 16k!!! an AMSOIL replacement spin on and an AMSOIL bypass filter. Good to go for 700k more. I only can hope the body can Las as long as the engine.

  4. Bruce

    Always use synthetic and you can go by the oil change computer. I still can’t believe everyone hasn’t used synthetic oil in everything since the early reports on Mobil 1 back in the mid 70’s showed how much better it was in every way vs. conventional oil.

    1. John

      I’m at almost 290,000 on a 2011 eco. I change mine by the computer, synthetic oil since new.
      Scrapped the back of the valves through the intake a few years ago and replaced the timing chains a couple years ago due to rattle.
      The truck isn’t showing any signs of wearing out.

  5. Matt Mondro

    Bottom line, change your oil with old time frequencies, 3500 to 4,000 mi intervals. This will solve any issues you might have. Ford wants you to stretch these out. Save oil and buy new truck sooner. Don’t do it, if your leasing that who gives a $hit, if you want it, change it frequently.

  6. Bapakbob

    The ironic part is you used to change oil at 2k-3k mileage intervals, because Dino oil was luck of the crude blend. Today with pure synthetics, and lab tested blends viscosity guaranteeing 0w-50 viscosities, oil can last a good long time….EXCEPT that car manufacturer’s “recommend” LOW viscosity oil so they can increase their Corporate Average Fuel Economy; long life of the motor NOT a concern of the manufacturer. The Car Care nut YouTuber showed a Toyota engine with cylinder wall scuffs at 164k miles, entirely due to Toyotas 10k miles scheduled oil change of 0w-20 synthetic. The oil can’t go 10k miles without failure of its lubricating properties. Ford’s 5w-30 at 7500 miles for eco-boost is also too little viscosity for too long an interval. Corvettes run 0w-40 Mobil 1 right out of the factory specs.

  7. Doug heinsdorf

    2018 2.7 Ecoboost Fusion Sport owner here- any advantage to Royal Purple synthetic? Seemed like majic in SN95 4.6l use quieting the OHC 8′ long timing chain. Real seat of the pants improvement every time. Using mobile1 full synth on my fusion currently. Fusion Sport, what a sleeper. per factory field rep 2018 2.7 Eco is Fords first spec built turbo production engine. Is there any advantage over the 3.0 or 3.5 Eco plants from 2018? Thanks!!

    1. P. Godsey

      No on royal purple, only oil I’ll never use again. Cost me an engine and tranny in an old foxbody and they were a sponsor at the time, so I was changing oil every weekend sometimes. After the deal that was, I wouldn’t give my worst opponent that sludge.

    2. P. Godsey

      Let’s just say their engineers have never heard about viscosity breakdown and especially never heard the term “sheer strength” at schmucks’ online engineering center for losers..

    3. c

      No advantage. All should be good for at least 250k with regular oil changes and maintenance, and the 3.0 has had zero issues thus far. It seems like the 3.0 is built with much better quality than the 2.7 and 3.5, given that it’s only available in higher-priced/sporty vehicles (and the Aviator, which everyone who has driven one will rave about).

  8. c

    Funny how everyone complains about EB reliability, but other than a few notable exceptions, it has been pretty bulletproof, and none of the problems arrive from the turbos like most people said they would when first introduced. The Focus RS and 2018 MY Raptor had some bad head gaskets, and the 2.7 in the 2021 Bronco had a bad batch of valves, but otherwise they have been exceptional with fairly standard maintenance. The only problems seem to arrive when people skimp out on oil changes or drive slow enough for carbon to build up in the 3.5.

    PS, if you are someone in the comment section who had problems, don’t use them to justify an argument that the engine is bad. Anecdotal evidence is not real evidence.

  9. Jordan

    Knowing the extra stress that turbos put on the oil, and how critical keeping their bearings clean is, I run an even shorter interval on mine. Typically, 4k is what I shoot for, and it isn’t ever getting to 5k. I’ve known too many tuners and mechanics that have warned me that once that stock turbo goes, it will never work right again…even with recommended OE replacement.

    1. Skip

      You can disregard that as an old wives tale. Had a turbo replaced on my 2017 3.5 at 1000 miles and it never changed a thing.

  10. David Pritchett

    I have a 2013 f150 with ecoboost.with 59,000 milesi have always used Motorcraft synthetic blend oil.5w30. what are the thoughts of using FULL synthetic oil.

  11. Gregio

    How does costco’s kirkland synthetic stack up to motorcraft and mobil1?

    1. Wolfgang

      Brand names are irrelevant for 5k intervals. The only aspects that truly matter are the specifications – grade, weight, and manufacturer spec.

      Worrywarts and people with OCD will write a 20 page thesis on what oil they find superior to calm their irrational paranoia. Meanwhile, in the world of reality, all brands meeting the manufacturer’s specification have been tested under the same metrics.

  12. Michael B

    I am a buyer for a large Truck Store and last week I had 2 different gents in looking for trucks to replace their failed EB 3.5’s. Ford is having a lot of issues with 2.7WB’s in the Rangers and Bronco’s too, swallowing valves into the cylinders… Kinda a problem. Personally I will keep my 5.7 Hemi RAM’s V8 simplicity, thank you very much. It has been quite solid, and runs great at 142K mi on it. Besides, the overstated 3.5 EB epa figures are a joke and really about on par with my Hemi.

  13. Eduardo Suarez-Mason

    Good advice on engine maintenance, however the author should avoid mixing miles and kilometers throughout the article. This makes it inaccurate and looses credibility.

    1. Brett Foote

      Not sure what you’re talking about, there is zero mention of kilometers in this article – only miles.

  14. Ricky Sinclair


  15. James Green

    Mine 2015 ecoboost froze at 96,000! Dealer said too bad. 2015 F150 Platinum with every upgrade. Most expensive vehicle I ever purchased and I thought it would be my last. Turns out that it was my last Ford that I’ll buy.

  16. Wolfgang

    Ah, yes. Even the “American” brands are joining us German car owners in 5k oil change intervals now. Welcome to the club.

  17. Jodie

    That’s not something new. 🥱 I and a lot of other people change their oil every 5,000 miles. I not only change oil every 5,000 miles I use Mobil 1 synthetic oil that’s good for 10,000 miles.

  18. Phil

    I own and a 03 Chevy Silverado 5.3 with 300k on it. I’ve had my oil change done every 6k since new. It’s my daily driver and I’m not shopping a new truck.
    This one is still running fine.
    Still has the original exhaust system on it.


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