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Ford Escape Gets Brutalized By Ford Super Duty: Video

We’ve certainly seen our fair share of wild crashes involving Blue Oval vehicles over the past few months, including a demolition derby of sorts with a Lincoln MKX, Ford Taurus, and Ford F-150, a Toyota Tundra smashing into a Ford Bronco Sport, a Focus getting T-boned by an F-150, and another Focus that hit a Ford Explorer head-on. Now, this new video from Crash Dashes shows off yet another shocking Blue Oval-on-Blue Oval crime of sorts involving a Ford Escape and a Ford Super Duty.

Ford Super Duty Crashes Into Ford Escape - Exterior 001 - Rear

The vehicle that recorded this particular incident is traveling down the highway when it comes upon stopped traffic, at which point the driver clearly realizes that they wouldn’t be able to stop in time on the wet pavement before smashing into the Ford Escape. Thus, they did what many of us have done at least once in our lives – pull over to the median to avoid a collision, which works like a charm.

Ford Super Duty Crashes Into Ford Escape - Exterior 002 - Rear

Problem is, the Super Duty traveling behind this vehicle doesn’t have enough time to stop either, and at this point, it doesn’t have anywhere to go either, as there are vehicles present on each side of it. Thus, the driver simply slams on the brakes and smashes into the back of the Ford Escape, heavily damaging it in the process.

Making matters worse, the Super Duty is towing a trailer, though it is empty, at least – things could have obviously gone much worse if it was carrying a heavy load. Regardless, the force of the impact sends the Escape smashing into the back of the car in front of it, which also appears to hit the vehicle in front of it as well, creating a bit of a chain reaction in a rather nasty display of carnage.

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