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Ford F-150 Lightning Auctions On CEO Jim Farley’s Radar

As has been the case with many new models that are in high demand and short supply over the past few years, a number of Ford F-150 Lightning pickups have not only been slapped with large dealer markups – but many have also changed hands via online auction sites, too, typically for far more than MSRP. While many are well aware of this fact, it seems as if Ford CEO Jim Farley has been keeping tabs on Ford F-150 Lightning auctions as well, as he recently revealed during the automaker’s Q1 2023 earnings call with investors.

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“I look at Bring a Trailer every week, because two years ago, it was like, I don’t know, the most popular new vehicle on Bring a Trailer was a Lightning with four miles on it that someone was flipping,” Farley said. “And the prices have come down and they’re basically at MSRP now, so we’re selling at full MSRP, the demand is higher. In fact, I would say that the pricing is higher than MSRP still, and we’re totally sold out in Norway like we are everywhere.”

Taking a peek at Bring a Trailer’s recent Ford F-150 Lightning listings, it seems as if prices have indeed come down a bit from as recently as last winter, when nicely-equipped examples were still selling for over $100k. Most are moving for somewhere between $60k-$80k now, which is essentially pretty close to MSRP, as Farley noted.

The Blue Oval has worked to ramp up Ford F-150 Lightning production over the past few months to meet tremendous demand for the EV pickup, moving 800 workers from the Dearborn Truck plant to the Rouge Electric Vehicle Center and hiring 300 new employees as well. Order banks for the EV pickup just reopened last week – this time to those that didn’t have a previous reservation or order in the system – though the Lightning also received a bit of a price adjustment as well, with some trims getting more expensive and others decreasing in cost.

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  1. whypac

    Short demand and high supply. I think you meant the opposite.

  2. David Dickinson II

    Farley should be more concerned that there are more regular F-150s on dealership lots than any other vehicle in America.

    1. DeweyBeatsTruman!

      Could be wrong here, but I’m a-guessin’, Good Buddy, that they are there because Ford has done better than GM and Italian Chrysler at supply chain and production achievements. As well, looks like Ford is outpacing itself from last year, and well ahead of the other two, for another stellar achievement of being the best-selling truck (if not vehicle) in the United State Of America (where I live).

      1. The Retired Viking

        Last year, that Italian company took my order for a Ram 1500 with some odd configurations in the options. From date of order to date of delivery was 4 weeks two days. Meantime, the local Ford lots were virtually empty, and GM only offered $80,000 trucks with added “market adjustment”.

        Not bad for a bunch of them-thar furriners. Oh, and, the truck was made in Michigan, not Mexico or Canada.

  3. Ed

    FORD American in name only, China keeps gaining power simply because of American GREED!

  4. M.

    Maybe Jim could explain why the one that we ordered last August doesn’t even have a schedule date yet?

    1. Mike

      Why order one? There’s plenty of used Lightnings with 3 and 4 thousand miles on them at dealerships for $73,900.

  5. Mike

    The lightnings in my area have been collecting pollen dust the last 3 months.

  6. John

    “basically at MSRP now”. Well they did raise the MSRP 20k dollars. That “helped” more than anything else I would imagine.


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