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Ford Maverick Plug-In Hybrid Not Being Developed

To date, the Ford Maverick has been nothing short of a smash hit, with demand continuing to exceed supply some time after the compact pickup originally launched. Hands down, the most popular version of the Maverick is the Hybrid, and for good reason – it’s the base model, and one that returns incredible EPA fuel economy ratings of 40 miles-per-gallon in the city and 33 on the highway. However, many have wondered if a plug-in hybrid version of the Ford Maverick is in development, given the fact that such a combination would provide owners with the best of both worlds – a short all-electric driving range and excellent fuel economy. Sadly, however, it doesn’t seem that such a machine is in development, Ford spokesperson Mike Levine confirmed to Heatmap.

“There’s no current need for a PHEV,” Levine said. “The Maverick Hybrid is incredibly efficient and affordable. The EPA estimates that Maverick Hybrid’s total annual fuel cost is just $1,500.”

It’s worth noting, of course, that creating a Ford Maverick PHEV would seemingly be rather easy to do, given the fact that the only plug-in present in The Blue Oval’s U.S. lineup – the Ford Escape PHEV – rides on the same platform as the Maverick. However, that electrified crossover is also significantly more expensive, with a starting MSRP of $40,500 versus the Maverick Hybrid’s sticker price of $22,595.

For now, FoMoCo is simply focused on increasing Ford Maverick production to meet demand, and in all fairness, that model already dominates the (admittedly limited) compact pickup lineup in terms of sales. The Maverick Hybrid has also won its fair share of critical acclaim, including being named Consumer Reportsmost satisfying pickup and a top 10 pick for 2023, as well as maintaining a steady presence on Kelley Blue Book’s list of the most considered electrified vehicles on sale.

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  1. Brandon

    “There’s no need for it” is tone deaf. A large part of the appeal is the fuel efficiency and low cost. A PHEV Maverick would blow away the competition – even full electric trucks. It’s most likely that they simply don’t want to introduce an EV truck killer that would compete with the F-150 Lightning (which is more then double the cost) when the Maverick is wildly popular as-is already. However, a small PHEV truck is the golden egg of the small truck niche that Ford found itself in with the Maverick. I hope that they will produce a PHEV of the Maverick some day and avoid what Toyota did with the Prius by refusing to improve because of its assumed popularity. The first automaker that releases a PHEV competitor of the Maverick WILL be the Maverick killer.

    1. Mike

      I agree. Farley invented the term TONE DEAF. Ford as history shows, will allow another company (most likely Toyota) to swoop in with a more reliable version of the Maverick with what people want! A PLUG IN with better mileage!

    2. David Dickinson II

      100% spot on.

    3. Null98115

      Exactly right.

    4. Lurch

      It wouldn’t be hard for Hyundai to create a PHEV Santa Cruz.

  2. ronarb

    Is there a Hybrid version of the new Ranger to be introduced to the US market, I hope, ?

  3. Bosko

    Real men drive regular hybrid, compact trucks. 😜

    1. The Retired Viking

      Men with size issues commute in F350 duallies.

  4. Donald VanPelt

    Two things for improvement..Plug in charging and a gearbox for higher ratio on the road.

  5. Wayne E. Kirby

    If I can’t get a 2024 Maverick XL Hybrid ,then I won’t order A Ford ! To many recalls ( Fix or Repair Daley !!!!! ) I’ll Buy a Colorado WT ! Instead ! Tired of the B.S. on Ford authority ! Every other day the the Ford lie Changes ! I
    I’m still going to order a Maverick XL Hybrid ,if I can’t get one then I WON’T BUY A FORD ,EVER ! How do I need to Order when the order bank opens up again in July ? Online or at the crooked Dealer ? Ford please respond to this message ! Thank you ! Wayne !

    1. Zviera

      “Ford” the corporation, has nothing to do with this site. They are not going to answer.

  6. Brad

    No need, that is just crazy. It would be perfect for city driving, I would easily pay the extra for the larger battery and plug-in option. It is worth, I have seen the difference with my wife’s Escape PHEV, it rocks.

  7. Nico

    “There is currently no need for a PHEV Maverick!”
    What a sad statement…not only is it needed, it’s a MUST, not only for the Maverick, but for every vehicle you currently produce! Hybrid and PHEV ICE’s are your “cash cow” to move forward with BEVs.

    1. The Retired Viking

      Uncle Henry saw no need to replace the Model T until Chevrolet started to eat Ford’s lunch.

  8. Rick

    Ford is probably right on this. A plug-in Hybrid Maverick would likely be 10k higher than a nicely equipped Lariat hybrid Maverick. You can but a lot of gas for 10k.

    Electricity rates are going to go up more and more as demand increases so plugging in is going to be a higher cost as time goes on. Not to mention that when the PHEV switches to gas the mph will not be as good as the straight hybrid. So no the PHEV is not at all what some people seem to think it is. I think they should concentrate on a AWD version of the hybrid however.

    1. Jean

      How many days would it take to drive 1250 miles to Florida in an electric car? All you “greenies” need to use your heads a little and think about the grid and the Chinese owned minerals needed to produce these EV’s.

    2. Null98115

      It’s not about gas prices. It’s about reducing emissions.

  9. Mark

    This is disappointing, but if there is one thing the Maverick has shown us, it’s that Ford isn’t serious about making their vehicles available to customers anyway.
    I’m cool with a Santa Cruz PHEV or Tacoma Prime if I don’t have to pay a dealer markup and wait 2 years for delivery.

  10. Tom Dinder

    There was word out earlier that there would be a PHEV Maverick with AWD.A Hybrid model w/o AWD is not good for us who live in winter weather with snow and want a hybrid for better mileage.Pretty ticked off with this news!

  11. Richard Ward

    I love my Maverick Hybrid XLT and with the warmer weather with the snow gone am getting terrific mileage. Not running the air conditioner much yet. If no PHEV would Ford consider maybe doubling the size of the current hybrid battery?

  12. geemy

    I see maybe one good reason for not putting a 15kWh that would add a good usable electric range, that would be adding close to 500lbs to the maverick (it’s the weight difference between a RAV4 hybrid and RAV4 prime) that would be reducing the payload.

  13. geemy

    because it’s based on the ford escape platform

  14. Martin Chen

    Does keeping a hybrid in a garage at night in winter result in more fuel efficiency and longer battery life? Where I live it goes below freezing at night outside maybe 70 nights a year whereas the garage does not go below 40 degrees fahrenheit.

  15. Ana

    There is definitely a need for a carpool eligible “affordable” pickup. I gave up looking for an affordable Lightning Pro and I got a hybrid Maverick but I am still waiting for a somewhat affordable carpool eligible pickup and I thought it would be Ford to do it first since Toyota drags their feet on innovation. Maybe its going to be the Ranger instead.

  16. James

    That settles it – I guess I’ll be hanging on to my 2017 Volt for 3-1/2 more years and won’t need to worry about buying a Maverick after all. If Ford doesn’t want my “new car money” that’s fine by me!


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