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Ford Mustang Mach-E Price Cuts Close Gap With Tesla Model Y

Following multiple rounds of increases, Tesla Model Y prices dropped significantly early this year, making the EV crossover quite a bit cheaper than its chief rival, the Ford Mustang Mach-E. The delta between the two widened even further back in April when Model Y prices dropped again, though the Mach-E also recently received its own reduction, which coincides with the introduction of a new lithium-iron phosphate battery in standard range models. Now, the gap between these two rivals has closed considerably as the EV price wars heat up.

Tesla Model Y Pricing
Model Starting MSRP (April 19th 2023)
Model Y (Base) $47,240
Model Y Long Range $50,240
Model Y Performance $54,240

Following its most recently price cut, the Model Y now starts out at $47,240 for the base model and its 4680 battery cells, which offers an EPA estimated range of 279 miles. Stepping up to the Long Range increases that cost to $50,240 and range to 330 miles, while the Performance costs $54,240 and offers up 303 miles of range.

Ford Mustang Mach-E Pricing
Model/Options 2023 Ford Mustang Mach-E Price – May 2
Select RWD Standard Range $42,995
Select AWD Standard Range $45,995
California Route 1 AWD Extended Range $56,995
Premium RWD Standard Range $46,995
Premium AWD Standard Range $49,995
GT AWD Standard Range $59,995
Extended Range Battery For Premium RWD $7,000
GT Performance Edition Package $5,000
BlueCruise 1.2 $2,100
Destination and Delivery $1,800

Meanwhile, the cheapest Ford Mustang Mach-E – the Select RWD Standard Range – now costs $42,995 with an EPA estimated range of 250 miles, which makes it a compelling alternative to the base Model Y for those that can live without the extra 29 miles of range. Getting close to the Model Y Long Range in that regard requires spending more money, however, as the extended range Premium models offer 290 and 310 miles of range. The high-performance GT is also considerably more expensive than the Model Y Performance, and needs the optional GT Performance Edition Package to match its performance, too.

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  1. Murray Henly

    The Mach-E is shockingly small inside. But it’s not a surprise if we remember it was designed as an Electric Focus and only later re-branded as a Mustang, with the addition of appropriate design cues.

    It’s also very low for an SUV/Crossover.

  2. Mike

    It would help if the Mustang E looked like a Mustang! Just not a very attractive vehicle, IMHO:)


    I applaud the use of LFP cells. The next hurdle is becoming price competitive with Tesla. Since Ford cannot further lower MSRP, how about offering 0% financing for 72 months on Mach E? This would make trading in older models more compelling for 2021-2022 owners as well as for new buyers.


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