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Ford Super Duty Plant Embraces Shutdowns To Boost Quality

It’s no secret that Ford has faced its fair share of quality issues in recent years, prompting the automaker to resort to new methods to right the proverbial ship while also hiring quality turnaround specialist and former J.D. Power Vice President Josh Halliburton as its new executive director of quality. While it has made quality a priority once again, Ford CEO Jim Farley admits that this process will take years to complete, though improvements are expected as soon as this year. We saw this recently when the automaker paused production at the Louisville Assembly plant after it discovered a software issue, and now, we’re seeing it again with Ford Super Duty production at the Kentucky Truck plant, according to Reuters.

2023 Ford Super Duty

The manger of that particular plant – Joseph Closurdo – recently revealed that he shut down Ford Super Duty production for periods as long as three days earlier this year, which allowed 300 quality inspectors, suppliers, and engineers to fix faulty parts that workers discovered while assembling the refreshed pickup using cameras stationed all over the plant. “We would shut the build down if we weren’t meeting one of the targets” for quality, Closurdo said.

This is similar to what we saw at the Louisville plant recently, as The Blue Oval is keen to stop production and fix problems when they surface, rather than building vehicles and then correcting those issues later on. After shelling out $4.17 billion in warranty costs last year, the automaker determined that changes such as these were necessary to not only correct quality issues, but also to save it a ton of money in the long run.

“We set the standard to be better than the outgoing product. We did not start shipping until we saw consistent delivery on those targets,” said Super Duty Chief Engineer Andrew Kernahan. “It took us longer than was planned.” This same process will be applied toward the production of future models as well, a more exhaustive test that aims to eliminate one of Ford’s biggest headaches over the past couple of years.

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  1. Chris D.

    Glad to see this. The plan and measures implemented are making an impact.

  2. larry

    I ordered a F-250 Tremor first day orders were taken – still no have – was told I production was running behind but I would be notified every 45 days of status over 60 days ago – NOTHING and no truck yet – HUMMMM – price up $10k over last year for same, can’t get same features as last year, interest rates higher this year than last year, commitments on notifications not met – but gov gets their EV in droves – WHO is important??? regular joe is losing out and can’t afford a FORD any more!!!

    1. Tom

      I agree!!! What the hell is going on at Ford. I’ve been trying to get a New F-350 King Ranch and it’s if it doesn’t exist. I have been trying to hunt one down FOREVER. Antimatter Blue with a 7.3 Gas. Is this truck even being made? Farley feel free to contact me. I will travel to Kentucky to the plant to pickup. Chip shortage is over, Let’s get it together. Thanks.

  3. Me

    Too bad Ford is asking way more than the truck is actually worth. I refuse to pay $105,000 for a new truck. Ford needs to get rid of the Union, lower production costs, and get back to selling vehicles without ripping people off. Then they might actually make some money.

    1. Tom

      Exactly! Your price is way to HIGH! You Need to CUT IT!

  4. Joseph M. Tress

    When I ordered my F350, I asked the salesman about getting the tire monitor system for the Fith wheel trailer so he added it to the order. The kit wires only let it hook up at bumper, and it does not work.
    After several tries. Called ford they said talk to dealer, dealer is no help.

  5. Mike

    I fear too little too late, this may be a start but long, long way to go for a quality product like in the past. Way past.
    I hope this is the new direction for all Ford products.

  6. Jessie

    More interior color selection should be available on chaise cabs lariat.
    I market for it by the end of this year or very early next .
    Thank you

  7. Johnny

    Unions are running this country in the ground people need to guit paying big money out & get back to the basic car & trucks keeping up with the Jones will get all us in trouble


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