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Future Ford Vehicles May Get Seats With Inflatable Blankets

Ford Motor Company has filed a patent for seats with inflatable blankets that may be used in future Ford vehicles, Ford Authority has learned.

The patent was filed on February 18th, 2022, published on May 9th, 2023, and assigned serial number 11643043.

Ford Patent Seats With Inflatable Blankets 001

The Ford Authority Take

Back in January, Ford filed a patent for inflatable devices in a vehicle cabin, which would seemingly be used as airbags that deploy from the floor of a vehicle. Now, this newly filed patent introduces an idea for seats with inflatable blankets that may be used in future Ford vehicles, which has a much clearer purpose, it seems.

Ford Patent Seats With Inflatable Blankets

There are certainly times when people might want to take a nap or catch a good night’s sleep inside of a vehicle, whether that be on a break during a road trip or on the job site. The Blue Oval is well aware of this, and most recently rolled out a feature called Max Recline Seats that allow those units to recline all the way back, instantly transforming a regular old truck seat into a more comfortable place to catch some Zs.

This new patent takes that concept a step further by adding an inflatable blanket to the rear seat of a vehicle, which would be attached using an anchor. On demand, the blanket would be inflated using a blower, creating a nice warm place to sleep. According to the filing, the blanket would be capable of automatically inflating itself when it’s attached to the anchor point, and when disengaged, it could also automatically deflate.

Ford Patent Seats With Inflatable Blankets

This is an interesting idea for sure, and a pretty simple one at that. Given the fact that more people are spending long hours on job sites, out on the road, and in remote places, it makes sense that Ford would continue to explore ideas to make that more comfortable, even if such an idea never comes to fruition.

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    Like my Mother-in-law would say…STUPIDDDDDDD

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    Ya. If you want a blanket, you pack it and bring it with you. Inflatable blanket. With Ford’s quality it won’t hold air and the compressor will be dead in short order.


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