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Future Lincoln Navigator Rival Cadillac Escalade IQ Spied

Ford rival General Motors announced some time ago that it plans to electrify its entire passenger vehicle lineup in the coming years, with its luxury brand – Cadillac – already having launched its very last brand new ICE-powered model. That means we’ll soon be seeing a number of new EVs coming from that particular brand, joining the existing Lyriq in Cadillac’s lineup, which will soon feature an all-electric version of its full-size SUV dubbed the Cadillac Escalade IQ, as Ford Authority reported earlier this week. Now, GM Authority has spotted the Cadillac Escalade IQ in prototype form for the very first time.


As one would imagine, this Cadillac Escalade IQ prototype is covered in some seriously heavy camouflage, which is typical for vehicles in this stage of the development process. Regardless, there are some notable differences here when we compare the IQ to the regular ICE-powered Escalade – chiefly, the fact that it sits quite a bit lower and seems slimmer in appearance, which we could attribute to the fact that it rides on the dedicated GM BT1 EV platform and isn’t a body-on-frame vehicle like the ICE Escalade. Those wanting even more space will be able to get it via an extended length Escalade IQ L, too.


Otherwise, the IQ seen here is riding on a set of wheels that feature a similar design to the Cadillac Celestiq sedan, while GM is reportedly targeting a 400-mile range for its large, luxurious EV SUV.


As for Cadillac’s rival Lincoln, Ford’s luxury arm recently ditched its plans to launch four all-new EV models by 2026, though multiple second-generation all-electric Lincoln vehicles are in development. The first of the bunch is expected to be the Lincoln Aviator EV, which will be built alongside the Ford Explorer EV at the Chicago Assembly plant following its upcoming retooling for the production of all-electric vehicles. As Ford Authority previously reported, the Aviator may only be available as an EV in the future, too.

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  1. TonyD

    Cadillac will have no problem selling every Celescalade. If Celestiq is sold out, the SUV version will sell out also. It’s time to see Navigator EV concepts please. Offer more variety of styles instead of just a brick. How about a Navigator sedan, Navigator Personal Luxury SUV and Navigator convertible. That will generate some buzz.


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