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Imported 1988 Ford Escort XR3i Up For Auction

We’ve certainly seen our fair share of notable Ford Escort models cross the auction block in recent years, including 1993 and 1995 RS Cosworth models – the latter of which starred on the TV show Wheeler Dealers – as well as an ultra-rare 1992 Ford Escort Cosworth RS Miki Biason Edition just last week. Now, we have yet another special find to add to that list – this imported 1988 Ford Escort XR3i, which is currently up for grabs at Bring a Trailer.

1988 Ford Escort XR3i - Exterior 002 - Side

According to the seller, this 1988 Ford Escort XR3i was originally sold to a customer in Italy before it spent some time in the UK, though the current owner imported it to the U.S. just last year. Now, it’s ready for someone to give it a new home stateside, and it’s in fantastic condition to boot, with a mere 34k miles – or 54k kilometers – showing on the odometer.

1988 Ford Escort XR3i - Interior 001

It certainly looks to be a low-mile machine on the outside, as the gray paint and red accents present nearly like brand new, though there are a few paint chips and the typical faded trim present. A set of front fog lights signal that this isn’t any old average Escort, as do the five-spoke alloy wheels, which are wrapped with Firestone Roadhawk and Firestone TZ300 tires.

1988 Ford Escort XR3i - Engine Bay 001

The interior is in equally sanitary condition with gray cloth seats with patterned inserts that match the door panels, power windows, and few additional amenities, as one might expect from an economy model – even a sporty one such as this. After all, the real meat and potatoes comes from the 1.6L I-4 engine underhood, which sends 105 horsepower to the front wheels via a five-speed manual transmission, while front disc brakes handle stopping duties.

1988 Ford Escort XR3i - Exterior 003 - Rear Three Quarters

Though a bit underpowered by today’s lofty standards, this 1988 Ford Escort XR3i is still a cool, quirky, and undoubtedly fun little car to drive, as well as a pretty special piece of Blue Oval history, making it a popular target among those seeking something different to add to their collection.

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  1. Shawnski

    Always admirred the purity of these Euro Escorts. Perfect proportion, and this one being German built and an XR3i makes it desirable IMO.

  2. Herman

    Driving such an old vehicle in the USA, more than 25 years after it was first registered, must be really great. In EUROPE there are still many Ford Escord convertibles and similar cars that are fun.

    In the USA there were small cars 25 years ago and they were fun to drive! Only the stupid trend with broken roads led to the SUVs with the big wheels!

    Emission Control?
    I only miss a catalyst but this can be installed later. Only in the case of exhaust gas cleaning is there a need for action, and that is possible because OPEL has been installing a regulated catalytic converter in all cars since 1985.


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