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Intriguing 2024 Ford Ranger 892 Decked Out With Accessories

As Ford continues to add more off-road-focused parts and accessories to its catalog amid high demand, owners have a plethora of ways to customize their vehicles and enhance their capabilities. The next-generation North American-spec 2024 Ford Ranger will be no exception to that rule when it debuts this month, which isn’t a huge surprise given the fact that we’ve already seen the international version decked out in all sorts of aftermarket goodies already. Now, Ford Authority has spied a rather intriguing 2024 Ford Ranger that’s also equipped with a wide variety of accessories, too.

There’s quite a bit going on with this particular 2024 Ford Ranger aside from the addition of multiple aftermarket upgrades, starting with the Ford Performance Parts script on the side, along with “892 Test Vehicle.” Based on the presence of this graphic, it’s unclear if this is some sort of actual test vehicle or just a showcase model that one might see at a car show or other automotive event.

As for the rest of this unique pickup, it’s sporting an ARB front bumper with integrated spotlights, what appears to be an ARB skid plate, and increased ground clearance courtesy of some suspension upgrades that could include different shocks underneath. Oddly enough, however, the pickup is still rolling on what appear to be stock wheels and tires.

Moving to the rear, this pickup is equipped with red tow hooks beneath the rear bumper, along with a host of graphics/stickers on the bottom corner of the bedside, touting a host of aftermarket companies like ARB, Warn, Rigid, and Dana – all of which are longtime suppliers and partners of The Blue Oval. Finally, there’s also a Method Wheels box in the bed, capping off this unusual build.

While it’s unclear what, exactly, we’re looking at here, it is pretty clear that Ford has full intentions of supporting the launch of the North American 2024 Ranger with an array of upgrades for customers, which is precisely the same strategy it embarked on with the Ford Bronco and Ford Bronco Sport, as well as the Ford Maverick.

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  1. TomD

    You can put a dress on a pig but it is stil a pig.
    The truck sits too high for just a regular truck. The only thing that is different is the front end clip. It still looks cheap and plastic,
    Has the company seen the Nissan Frontier or the new Tacoma?! It’s time to get in the game.

  2. Chris A.

    Looks like previous tweets in combination with this model show an impressive array of upgrades. I will definitely be excited to see what is available on launch and delivery day!


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