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Lincoln Ditched ActiveGlide For BlueCruise Due To Confusion

The debut of the all-new 2024 Lincoln Nautilus last month was notable for a number of reasons, including the fact that the luxurious crossover will no longer be built at the Oakville Assembly plant in Canada, but rather, at the Changan Ford Hangzhou Assembly plant in China. However, another interesting tidbit from this debut was the fact that the 2024 Lincoln Nautilus is available with BlueCruise – Ford’s hands-free highway driving assist feature – not ActiveGlide, which was previously used to describe the same feature when it’s present in Lincoln models. However, it seems as if there’s a pretty good reason for this change, after all.

“So ActiveGlide and BlueCruise are the same exact feature, there’s nothing different from a technology and software standpoint,” Summer Cole, Lincoln brand marketing manager, told Ford Authority executive editor, Alex Luft, in a recent interview. “What we found is that with ActiveGlide and BlueCruise in the market is that it was a bit confusing for our customers so we aligned to change it to BlueCruise and we started with that change on the Nautilus and the Corsair for the 2023 model year.”

ActiveGlide debuted with the launch of the refreshed 2022 Lincoln Navigator, while the 2023 Lincoln Corsair also launched with ActiveGlide as an available feature, which was originally announced back in June 2021. Moving forward, however, BlueCruise will be used to describe this feature in all FoMoCo models.

Regardless of what one calls it, BlueCruise has enjoyed tremendous popularity since its debut, racking up nearly 200k users in a short time span, who have covered a cumulative total of more than 70 million miles with the feature activated. Recently named as the top-rated active driving assistance system (ADAS) by Consumer Reports, BlueCruise 1.2 adds a host of new features for users, including Lane Change Assist, Predictive Speed Assist, and In-Lane Repositioning. Looking further down the road, a Level 3 version of BlueCruise is already in the works, and will add even more autonomous capabilities to this semi-autonomous system.

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  1. Robert Arthur

    Making Lincolns in China is a big mistake. If I wanted a cheesy poor quality Chinese car, I’d buy a cheap one. Even that won’t happen. I wouldn’t trust any car made by the enemy Communists!

    1. Mackie

      Sent from your made in China iPhone with your most personal and confidential information on it.

      1. The Retired Viking

        With cars ge still has a choice. Much other gear, not much choice unless you do some digging.

        Lost credit information from a phone can be corrected. A crash into a bridge abutment due to a snapped tie rod made of inferior materials is not.

    2. Karl

      Question, where is the device you used to type your comment or phone is made? Honestly?

    3. Tom

      The 2024 Lincoln Nautilus is a transitionary vehicle. Ford no longer has a North American factory available to assemble this vehicle. Lincoln will be fully electric by 2030. The Oakville factory is being retooled for BEV vehicles exclusively. Lincoln still needs this vehicle until the BEVs are ready. This gives dealers a competitive product offering.

    4. Wayne Waldack

      I am appalled that FORD is going to China. I have bought almost exclusively Ford within my 83 years of life. The exception was One Olds powered Buick. I understand the economics, however I will not intentionally buy products from any country that wishes to destroy the U.S.A. , no matter how much “our” president is obligated to China. I will do everything to be American and I wish our manufactures would do everything to create American Products. I know most investors would sell anything to anyone for a buck. As a result, we are being eaten up by those who are not friends of the U.S.A. Ford will probably be Chinese owned Corporation shortly.

      1. Tom

        Would you recommend Lincoln dealers only have three vehicles to sale at this time? There are no North American factories available to assemble the Nautilus. This vehicle will be replaced with a North American BEV in a couple of years.

  2. Karl

    Where exactly is your phone or device you used to make your comment actually made?

  3. The Retired Viking

    The same side as GM apparently….

  4. Dave Schoenherr

    Looks like Ford isn’t happy with providing Americans with jobs, they have to go to communists china to build their economy. Canada was a better choice. They aren’t trying to make us dependent on their country…Doesn’t it seem like theres something wrong with this picture…
    So much for MADE IN AMERICA.

  5. Alexander

    Good. Activeglide sounds like the name of a suspension system, and not a hands free driving assist system. Blue cruise isn’t that appealing either. Sounds like a knock off of GM’s system. Personally I think they should use Co-pilot across the board

  6. Wayne Waldack

    I sure would not feel comfortable driving any electric powered vehicle in winter during a snowstorm. How long in time, if trapped on a roadway during a heavy snowstorm, will my EV battery last. I understand the EV’s will also protect their batteries from cold thus reducing a portion of the Charge on the battery. I would prefer a Hybrid to an EV. I can more economically increase the amount of fuel on board.

  7. ConsumerWants

    I’d buy the 2024 Nautilus and the China Zephyr if they would send that model here as well. US doesn’t want to build so I’ll buy from anywhere who will build what I want. I’m not geographically loyal. I buy what I want made by whomever. Plain and simple.


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