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More U.S. Reps Tell Ford To Keep AM Radio In Future Vehicles

Much ado has been made about Ford’s decision to eliminate AM radio capability from many of its future models, which has drawn the ire not only of fans of that particular format, but also lawmakers like U.S. Senator Ed Markey and U.S. Congressman Josh Gottheimer. Ford argues that AM radio – or amplitude modulation, at least – is no longer needed thanks to the fact that users can still listen to AM music, news and podcasts via internet streaming through mobile apps, FM, digital, and satellite radio options, but critics worry that its removal could pose a significant communication problem during emergencies. Now, the list of lawmakers supporting AM radio continues to grow, according to Fox Business.

That group consists of U.S. representatives Bob Latta and Greg Pence, both of whom recently penned a letter bearing 100 signatures to automakers including Ford, outlining a series of issues lawmakers have with the elimination of amplitude modulation in future vehicles. They were reportedly joined by seven former Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) administrators, who have asked government officials to seek assurances that AM radio will remain available in new vehicles moving forward.

“AM radio plays a crucial role in our nation’s emergency communications infrastructure by providing cost-free, ongoing, and life-saving information during natural disasters,” Pence said. “Despite new technologies, the elimination of AM radio from vehicles could still cause a serious communication issue during times of crises, particularly in rural areas where broadband connectivity is unreliable. It is critical that automaker companies do not deprive the American people of AM radio, as it is a free and potentially life-saving source during emergencies.”

Thus far, The Blue Oval has already removed AM radio functionality from the Ford F-150 Lightning, and the all-new 2024 Ford Mustang won’t have it, either. However, the automaker is expected to retain AM radio in its commercial vehicle lineup, or models that fall under the Ford Pro umbrella.

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  1. Bob

    LOL, these guys aren’t interested in public safety. All this “noise” is about conservatives pandering to right wing talk radio…

    1. Robert T Arthur

      Rush Limbaugh died two years ago, so that’s not it. It’s weak and pretty useless. No reason why they can’t do those emergency broadcasts on FM and get in the 21st century.

    2. Lrlabs

      It would be good to dump AM, a good way to get rid of PBS and save some tax payer money!

      1. Are You Even Awake?

        You realize, don’t you, that PBS isn’t on radio?

        1. Lurch

          While he (?) means NPR, I think its stations are all on FM. Forrest Gump would understand.

  2. S. Scanlon

    I get most of my sports coverage and talks shows on AM. I would hate to see it go. I rarely use my phone in there car.

  3. Jim

    In Washington State, highway advisor notice boards/flashing caution lights, traffic alerts etc. provide information on the am system. An important public service!

  4. Dave

    Being old enough to remember when FM was not in cars and few FM Stations in the USA I hate to see AM go. Yes FM is common as dirt now, but AM has its place. In South Dakota you can always find an AM but in many places you won’t get FM. Ford is not going to save $5.00 per car, and AM converters will come into grace just like we use to add FM converters along with our 8 Track Tape Players. I have nothing against Ford and I have on in my garage right now, but their business plan is all about the Buck and not really about We The People that buy their stuff.

    1. Stillovefords

      I really want a 24 Mustang convertible, but the thought of breaking out a phone to stream while driving is going to be a deal breaker for me. I am in Kansas City and all the Royals games are on AM, all the Chiefs sports talk on AM, all Big 12 and SEC sports talk on AM. I am always switching between the 2 big stations – how do you do that streaming when you are the only one in the car? I am sure most big cities draw in a large number of AM fans. Yes, I am in my 50’s, but when I come into the office, guys from 30’s to 60’s are commenting on what they heard on the way in. When I am traveling, I love switching it up and hearing a local human voice in real time. Really, who the hell is running some of these big corporations these days? I’ll bet not one of Ford’s competitors drops AM from their vehicles. AM is far from dead – all of the advertising is proof.

    2. Are You Even Awake?

      Heh…..”We The Sheeple”.

  5. Mick1

    Make AM radio a Constitutional right.

  6. Trip Flannery

    Free market, let the company do what it wants and consumers can decide. Also, in case anyone forgot AM radios are cheap and easy to attain even without a $100,000 truck attached.

  7. Stillovefords

    Now that I think about it, there are about a zillion Ford commercials on AM sports stations around here. Maybe the supply chain issues are so bad, that Ford wants to cut demand for their product!

  8. WION Raadio

    So, all you people who don’t care and leave nasty comments about AM radio, how would YOU like it if YOUR lifeblood was under attack from “corporate America” (Ford, and others similar or not) and your product or service was made unavailable to “X” amount of people for “X” amount of the day for some dumb reason like “interference” (proven fixable) or “cost” (can’t be that big a deal)….THAT’s how successful AM stations, still operating in small town USA feel about this. Try thinking before you act like the south end of a horse going north. AM is alive and well, CAN sound great when owners care about broadcasting it properly, and is often the only truly “local” option in small town USA. For those who say EAS can “move” to FM, it’s already there. Chances are, however that small town stations with AM have a live person in-studio during emergencies unlike (again) “Corporate” America’s huge chain of stations, each chain so proud of itself that it thinks it owns the entire dial. There are FACTS and there are RUMORS. Do a little research, and try to comment in a manner that shows you have a little intelligence. And for the idiot who said “It would be good to dump AM, a good way to get rid of PBS and save some tax payer money!” ….WE, as AM (or FM) licensees pay the GOVERNMENT for our licenses each year. It’s called “Regulatory Fees” …and COMMERCIAL operators receive NO support from government, we earn it with trust from our ADVERTISERS and our COMMUNITY. The removal of AM from vehicles is an attack on the lifeblood of people who work every single day….in BROADCASTING.


    1. David Dickinson II

      I agree. The elimination of AM radio is an attack on rural America because the liberal elites will do anything they can to hurt that demographic.

  9. Ronald

    I find AM radio good company when driving alone. Would not own a auto without AM radio in it.


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